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Apr 3, 2010 05:38 PM

Maroni's in Northport, Long Island

My wife and I recently went here (embarrassingly, for the first time). We really loved all the courses. A few interesting things like hamachi with blood-orange infused olive oil. There were many coures but then, of course, they come out with the pasta and meatballs, as they are known for their meatballs. I thought they were very good although I guess i am just someone not blown away by meatballs I guess. All in all, we gave it a thumbs up and hope to return. Wondering what others think of this place?

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  1. I would search the "General Tristate" archove for more opinions on Maroni's. I'm going there tomorro w night. Go as often as I can afford it :-). Chef Maroni is very interesting to chat with, the courses are always interesting and delicious. You need to go with the flow and hand over your choices to him.

    1. overrated-you do really want to eat so much in one sitting?

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      1. re: Kingphish

        When did you go and what did you have? Would like to know how you arrived at over-rated?

        1. re: Siobhan

          I wrote this in 2008, went back in 2009 and felt the same way.

          We paid $100 a person, for less I could have eaten at Gramercy Tavern or Jean George. I felt rushed as the multitude of courses came out. Some items were interesting others seemed to be gimmicks in serving. "ohh food served in a shovel" Most of the food was quite ordinary.The "free" wine isn't really free and we were quite lucky for the two of us to sit at a table for four, otherwise would would have been really squished.

          All in all, it's really quite an ordinary place that just throws a lot of small courses at you and hopes you don't notice it just isn't that great.

          I will say the servers were quite nice and friendly.

          1. re: MrPhil

            I second that!! Phil,I couldn't say that better myself. There are a lot of people that swear by this place including my brother and oldest daughter- For the money- give me the tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park any day. I think this place throws you a lot of food for a lot of money-and the food is good- but NOT memorable.

            1. re: Kingphish

              Hi Phil and Kingfish - tough crowd! I have been to Jean George and was not impressed at all - my pal and I were dining among a bunch of lunching Japanese ladies! I felt like I was at some social tea! Not cool at all. The food was just "OK"....which was fine BUT we had 2 glasses of rosé brute, the waitress did not tell us they were $25 a glass!!! I must admit - we felt like idiots (and we also felt jacked!!!!)

              Anyway - Maroni' wife and I went there and had some lovely dishes (agree - way overpriced) but the experience was pleasant. You must sit outside in the courtyard though. Inside felt much like a stuffed Jean George.

              Also, comparing Northport to NYC is much like comparing NYC to - say - San Sebastian in Spain or Paris for that matter. There is ALWAYS something better. But if you are in Northport on a beautiful day - nothing compares (especially after a couple of prosecco's)

              GOOD TIMES!

              1. re: Kingphish

                I agree! We went for our anniversary and felt very rushed, plus after tax and tip, you're out over $300! I don't think the meatballs were anything special. I don't think anything was memorable either. Probably won't be returning any time soon.

        2. Cute idea at a very crowded small unromantic location. Very, very rushed and way over-priced