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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Just sitting here feeling blue no money or time to go to New Orleans and Im missing it. Oh to wake up tomorrow and be at Cafe Du Monde at 7 a.m. thats always been a magical time for me there. To hear Louisiana music from so many doorways in the quarter a poor boy at Guys Poboys where Marvin the owner makes one for you out of love and friendship. To slip into one of the many dive bars anywhere in town and sip a beer.
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

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  1. Yep, I sure do. Just a few minutes ago my partner and I were talking about the onion rings at Mandina's, of all things. A random conversation that we're not sure how it started. Been working inside the house all day , repairing various things that go wrong on a nearly 100- year- old house, with PBS and some old Meters blaring on the stereo. We were in New Orleans at Christmas and 3 months is too long! The good news is we'll be back in mid-May. Before Casamentos closes for the season, yay! This trip, we'll finally eat at Brigtsens, which will be a first for us. Can't wait!

    Mandina's Restaurant
    3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

    Casamento's Restaurant
    4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

    Brigtsen's Restaurant
    723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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      I must go to Casamento's soon. I am spending way too much time dreaming about oyster loaf.

      Also, I shoud hit CDM as well. That's something that, as a local, I don't do often enough.

      Casamento's Restaurant
      4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

    2. I do...went to college there and have been back several times since. There is just no place like NOLA whether you are a resident or visitor--although as great as it is to visit, it's just not quite as magical as when you live there. I miss late-night (or early morning) at "the grill"--Camelia, that is--crawfish at Frankie and Johnny's, and a snowball on the way home.

      PS...I will have that song in my head for days! ;)

      1. You really got me with this query...Havent posted a lot as of late due to a very full work schedule, but just had to respond. Roman candy at Audubon Park,(Zoo) all summer long! A bag of crawfish from the The Fly at sunset... my first Cream of Nectar snowball with condensed milk at Hansen's....and these are just my childhood favorites over summer/spring. Moving back home this summer and so excited!! My children can enjoy these same experiences on a regular basis!! I absolutely know what it means to Miss New Orleans and Im headed home ASAP!

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        1. Folks, please help us keep this board on topic, and please keep your responses focused on chow. Thanks!

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            I am sorry, but other than a "welcome home," it appears that all comments ARE on chow. Have I missed something really big her?

            Must be missing something that is important, or maybe has been removed by now?

            Hunt, who does miss the chow in NOLA.

          2. I do miss NOLA for sure. So many here think I'm crazy, but you can't beat the food, music and spirit anywhere.

            Our big thing growing up was getting the neighborhood together and boiling either croaker sacks full of crawfish or bushels of crabs and everyone basically cleaning the onions, corn and potatoes out of their supplies to throw in as well. There was always a supply of zatarains crab boil on hand.

            As a kid, we'd find the biggest crawfish in the sack and have races down the drive with them, then throw them in the pot.. truly playing with your food!

            Afterward, we would make homemade icecream with whatever fruit was in season.. talk about good times and good chow!
            I really miss those days.

            Oh geez and can't forget stopping off at Lil Rays for boiled crawfish after school for a snack..
            A good shrimp po boy and a barqs rootbeer from the local fish market would always hit the spot too!

            Now I'm homesick.

            1. I can understand. It's been 30 years, since we moved away. While we've lived in some great places, and each has had some good culinary offerings, my wife and I will be sitting around after about 8:00PM, we'll discuss what we're hungry for. Usually, a shrimp po-boy will be at the top of the list. In the old days, we'd have hopped into the Jag and headed to Felix's. Not so any more.

              At least we get back to the City about 2x / year, so we do get our "fixes" for some of our favorites.


              1. Do I miss New Orleans? I only spent 7 years living down there (graduated from HS) - missed so much that I had to buy timeshare just to guarantee a once a year fix of: Cafe du Monde, Central Grocers, Bon Tons, Mothers (love those ladies), Acme, Camelia Grill, Deanie's, crawfish, music, people, catfish, oysters, poboys, red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo, etc. etc. new ones every visit.

                Unfortunately it was destroyed in Katrina, they voted not to rebuild so we're working on plan B. We've been back for our fix once since katrina. :-( There's just no place like it.

                Bon Ton Cafe
                401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                Deanie's Restaurant
                7350 Hayne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

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                  Starting to get that old time New Orleans feeling again. Gonna fire up my old emerald green 1977 ford ltd and head that way. Theres a shrimp poboy with my name on it at parkway.

                2. Yes, joedon, I do. I start missing it after just days from returning home from there.

                  1. Sho' 'nuff do. My boss and I were just discussing whether we wanted to attend a conference in San Diego. We both agreed that if the thing was in New Orleans, we'd already be there. I often hang on this board when nothing is happening on San Francisco, longing for soft-shell crab po-boys, red beans and rice, beignets, Brigtsen's, Bon Ton Cafe.

                    1. I sure do! that's why I'm perusing the NOLA board instead of working. what wouldn't I give for some crawfish etouffe or some hot beignets!

                      1. I come to the NOLA board just to read (torment myself) about what's new, what's not, and what I missed last time...

                        Right now, R'evolution is killing me.

                        I also feel completely bummed out by being too broke to travel (everyone tells me that once these kids of mine actually graduate college it gets easier, but I'm beginning to doubt that), being too far to make a quick weekend trip, being just too... Texan. I'd rather be in NOLA with a fabulous cocktail in my hand, an iron grate in front of me to frame the view, and a fine sheen of sweat making me feel miserable and at home all at once.

                        Oh well, leftover chicken and andouille gumbo & homemade french bread will have to do.

                        1. Starting to get that old time feeling again. Firing up this time the old blue 1977 ford ltd be there tomorrow! Few days off drinking and dining in the old city aint nothin like new orleans. First meal will be at Antoines.

                          1. I definitely know what it means to miss New Orleans. Missing the family get togethers and the great food of my grandma. All the great vietnamese party foods like her specialty chicken sticky rice, crab claws with pork paste covered with panko and deep fried to golden brown, my grandpa rabbit that I can't even describe.

                            Then there are the king cakes, Cafe Du Monde beignets, pralines, gumbo and so so much more.

                            1. Starting to get that old time feelin again.
                              Tomorrow morning firing up the old emerald green 1977 Ford LTD be there by 2 p.m. First meal Mandinas cant wait.