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Apr 3, 2010 04:20 PM

Best moderatly priced romantic dinner in Dowtown/DuPont Cir.

Coming to the District for rather last-minute planned birthday weekend for my S.O. and so far planning on Ethiopian one night as this is something I both love and can't get at home and the Sunday brunch at Café Atlantico...which leaves Saturday night. I'm looking for something really nice and intimate with a romantic atmosphere and interesting food: new American, French, Fusion, prob steering away from Asian, Indian, raw bar seafood or heavily Southern (we get plenty of that in Mississippi and Atlanta) and would prefer to keep it at less than $150 or so for dinner for two with an inexpensive-moderate bottle of wine. Possible ? I would be willing to budge a little (but not a lot) on budget for something spectacular as well as someplace a bit farther if it was worth the trek. I actually was willing to break the bank for some place like Obelisk but this is next weekend so it needs to be someplace I won't have trouble scoring a table the week of. I've been peeling through the boards and some names that have popped up are Cashion's Eat Place, Proof, Central, 701, and Corduroy. Equinox sounded great but is closed for renovations. I know there's a lot of info out there but I really haven't seen a question phrased quite this way so would like to get some Chowhound advice and recommendations. Thanks in advance!

Cashion's Eat Place
1819 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009

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  1. Of those, Corduroy is the best, and most romantic (in the sense of quiet). I'd also consider Eola, especially if you want some food that's a bit out of the ordinary.

    1. I agree, of those Corduroy is definitely the most romantic. I would also suggest checking out The Oval Room, Acadiana, and Adour in the St Regis, the space is realyl beautiful. Hope this helps!

      901 New York Ave NW Ste 200A, Washington, DC 20001

      1. It's been a few years since I've been there, but if you don't mind going to Georgetown, La Chaumiere fits the "romantic" bill.

        La Chaumiere
        2813 M Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007

        1. You can probably do Cashion's with your price range. Some of the others might be pushing it depending on what you order and the type of wine you get. Corduroy is delicious and intimate (ask for one of the more cozy tables with a view of the kitchen) might go over budget though. (It wasn't clear from your post if the $150 includes wine or is before the purchase of wine.)

          You might also want to consider Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle, If it is warm out, ask for a table in the charming and romantic courtyard.

          Tabard Inn
          1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

          1. I love Cashion's and think it's in your price range, but I'm not sure it meets your romantic, intimate criteria. Same with Central, I think. Except for Corduroy, I'd say your list is more of bustling, loud, large room kinds of places with great food. (Can't speak to 701's food, only had drinks there.)

            Someplace I've only been once quite a while ago, but that certainly fits the intimate and, I think, romantic -- and under your price -- parameters but probably not the same level of food as the ones you've listed is Little Fountain Cafe: Just a thought.

            Little Fountain Cafe
            2339 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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              I agree that Central is NOT romantic. Delicious food, but very noisy and busy feel.

              1. re: hamster

                Central is definitely not romantic, but I think Cashion's can be. When I lived in the neighborhood my bf and I use to go there for date night a lot. I think it just depends on your definition of romantic is. It is cozy, small, with a good view of the street where you can people watch.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Elyssa -- I think you're right, Cashion's is definitely not as big and loud as other places mentioned and I'm afraid I might have given that impression -- and some of the tables could be romantic, one of the window tables or outside on a nice night, perhaps, or with a view of the kitchen for that matter, as you say, depends on what's romantic varies by couple -- I just wasn't sure it was quite the intimate place OP had in mind.