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Apr 3, 2010 02:40 PM

3 Nights - Where to Eat?

My husband & I are going to Vegas for a long weekend and need some suggestions on where to eat. We'd like a mix of casual (but excellent) for breakfast/brunch/lunch and a few nicer places for a dinner. Suggestions? We're staying at the Palazzo and will not have a car to get off the strip.

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  1. Have you searched through this forum? Did you look at the dining options at the Palazzo or Venetian?

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      Yes, I've been reading this forum as well as a few others. I've got a list going of places but I need more suggestions ;) My husband says that he definitely wants to eat sushi while we are there. Is there anywhere you'd suggest? Preferably some place that has good alternatives for me, or perhaps somewhere for happy hour so I can just sit while he eats. I don't like sushi at all.

    2. Palazzo is a great starting point for Chowhounds who don't have (and don't care to have) a vehicle.

      Bouchon is a great starting point for an "excellent" lunch as well as a "nicer" dinner. Food is simple yet near-perfectly prepared a la Thomas Keller. Although it has its detractors, it is a must hit if you have not yet been there.

      Another excellent place for lunch is across the street in the Wynn. The Country Club has has strangely beautiful views and seems to be a million miles away from the Strip right outside. The food is excellent for lunch and likely dinner (although I have not tried it).

      If you enjoy steak then you are staying at the right hotel. Both CUT and Carnevino are excellent dining experiences. Check out the menu and choose the one that appeals to you more.

      Enoteca San Marco for a more informal dining experience with outstanding Mario Batali creations. I tend to enjoy lunch here, but the dinner menu is no different. I love the veal meatballs over polenta.

      For a "light", healthier lunch try the Canyon Ranch Grill. This is located in both the Venetian and Palazzo. If you're a "calorie-counter" type then this is your place. Preparations are excellent, relatively inexpensive and the nutrition info is listed on the menu. I love this place when looking for a lighter meal in anticipation of a not-so-light dinner.

      If you like wine then check out Double Helix at Palazzo. There are some amazing wines by the glass here. Expect to pay big for them though.

      There's more, but that should get you started. If you give more specifics on what you're looking for then I can give you more specifics.

      3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      Enoteca San Marco
      3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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        I think we're going to skip steak places (we're in TX) and French food (because that's not really my thing). We love Italian, Thai, Seafood, pizza, and basic American food. My husband likes Sushi, but that is not my thing at all, so if we went somewhere for that, it would need options besides Teriyaki and Tempura (ick to both, LOL).

        Right now, I'm thinking we might hit a burger place for lunch one day (BLT or Burger Bar, maybe?). The Sunday brunch at the Palms looks interesting and the Country Club at the Wynn does too.

        I know we're going to be by the MGM Grand for a show one night & Mirage another, if that helps narrow it down.

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          Here is my opinion.

          Go for Burger Bar instead of BLT. Flavor of the meat is a notch above and I can't stand the fries at BLT.

          For brunch, Bouchon in the Venetian is really really good. Weekends only though but the chicken and waffles are fantastic as well as any of his pastries. Country Club at the Wynn does not even compare. People kind of get sucked in to the place because it does have a great view of the golf course, so if that is you thing, maybe your experience will be better than mine. I got the burger there are found it not very well composed, low grade of meat, and the fries were an embarrassment. Another place would be Tableau at the Wynn. Great place for breakfast, the Tableau potatoes are a must.

          I would also suggest eating at the many fine places at Caesar's Palace or the Venetian instead of the Mirage. Venetian is literally right across the street and Caesar's is the next place over and a very short walk. Spago is great for a nice casual lunch.

          3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            Uh A4, CC doesn't compare since it's a completely different type of food. If I'm looking for chicken and waffles then it's obvious where to go. If I'm looking for a great burger or ahi tuna salad then it's also obvious where to go. I know you stated that you were offering your opinion but must we be so opinionated?

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              There's no such thing as a "short walk: in Las Vegas. It takes 20 minutes to get from your hotel room to the sidewalk.

              Short walk my hairy &#(@!

              Unless one walks from the Encore to the Wynn, Treasure Island to Mirage or Flamingo to Imperial Place, it's likely to take less time to get long hauled through the airport tunnel by a Nigerian speaking cab driver than it is to walk from your hotel to the another casino.

              Fiamma at the MGM is a nice Italian restaurant. Shibuya has great seafood. Most of the restaurants at MGM are offering specially priced spring tasting menus. Here's the one for Fiamma: <http://www.mgmgrand.com/restaurants/f...>

              I'm at a loss to explain why people constantly rave about Burger Bar or BLT Burger. Las Vegas is rife with bars that have making really good burgers at reasonable prices, but if your idea of a good time is an over priced burger, there's one to be had in the Mirage. On the other hand, the other restaurants there have an even better deal on the tasting menu at only $39.

              3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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                How much does brunch at Bouchon run? I tried to look online but it seems to only have a regular menu.

                3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                Count me in the BLT OVER Burger Bar camp, especially if you're staying practically across from the former. Burger Bar is a massive shlep down the strip, and a massive waste of time at that. I can't say that BLT Burger is the best burger I ever had (that honor goes to The Bird in Berlin), but the Burger Bar was just incredibly underwhelming.