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Apr 3, 2010 02:38 PM

Boynton seafood

I have lived in south Florida for over 1/4 century and never understood why the price of a seafood dinner can escalate over 100% just because I can see water out the window....Case in point
, I took my first tour of "Prime Catch" in Boynton Beach last night.... I was going to make my usual "dive" stop at Hurricane Alley, but it was packed. Ok, I wanted oysters, and a beer. The next closest place was Prime Catch. I stopped, I saw, I ate, I sat at the upstair bar with my DH. 2 beers, Tuna Ahi, and what I thought was a dozen oysters was only 6.......Nearly $45....How dare them rip me off.......In the words of Donna Summer......""She Works Hard For the Money"Another Rip-Off in my opinion.....You can rip off the Richy Palm Beach Clientel......But not me, never, ever, again.

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  1. It isn't on the water but you can't go wrong at Snappers seafood restaurant at Congress and Old Boynton Beach Blvd. Great fresh fish and at reasonable prices. I usually take the 35 minute trip from west Boca at least twice a month and I'm never disappointed. It's one of the few restaurants where my wife and two very picky kids can all find things we love to eat.

    1. PC is a bit pricey but "ripped off?"

      There are prices on the menu and you ordered the meal. Ahi, oysters and a couple of brewskies for $45, a little high, but certainly not in the "rip off" category

      1. jfood....I respect what you say, and I have looked at your site. .That said.....I did not order a meal...I ordered oysters(assuming they meant one dozen but it was 6) and the starter Tuna Ahi.and 2.yes 2 light beers. The beers alone came to over $11.00. I could nearly buy a 12 pack at Publix for that. I told my DH to drink slowly and enjoy it. When we left we were still hungry and had to stop for fast food burgers was a fraction of the beer tab alone.

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          Unfortunately that is the price of beer these days. And the price of the oysters are right there on the menu $2.50 each, likewise the ahi $11.95. And if you told your DH to "drink slowly and enjoy it" you already knew the price of the beer when they arrived.

          Jfood understands the price of eating out and Prime Catch is not the cheapest game in Boynton or Delray. But not only are the prices on the menu they give you at the table, there is a huge menu before you even enter. Likewise the full menu with prices is on line. It's then that you decide it is too expensive and go elswhere. Jfood does not think it is fair to go, see the prices, order, eat and then trash the place here and then compare it to a fast food hamburger place or beer at Publix.

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            I'm in 100% agreement with jfood. It was all there, staring you in the face when you looked at the menu and ordered. And, in fairness, you should compare their prices to other restaurants, not fast food joints and supermarkets.

        2. jfood, I know your reputation, and your following,I can not compete with you regarding restaurants and food. I base my personal critics on my own experiences and no one else.If you choose to critisize me (what me and DH call reaming a new a****le, have at it.) This will be my last post from what I feel is a biased topic. so I guess It is a no win situation in my case. I guess after I come out from the dark corner I am hiding in I should keep my trap closed and accept what I think is a (rip-off) I was actually hoping for a few Palm Beach county natives that feel the way I do. I think it in my best interest to keep the lady at bay and not make negative comments. I am a paralegal and not a food critic, but I feel that I can and should be able to express those feelings honestly. I read the menu and it did not state how many oysters I expected 12. I wore a pair old ripped jeans and my DH wore his best fishing hat with a picture of a Snook on it. Thinking that I could sit at the "BAR" I was expecting my opinion of a "BAR". My money is worked hard for and it makes my tummy grumble when I feel I have not been taken care of honestly. Maybe you can enjoy an expensive meal ,give or take a few bad ones, but It makes my brow sweat and my legs shake when I spend too much money after I spend hours trying to make ends meet. Maybe in my next life (if reincarnation is possible) I could be a food critic and truly express myself. If not, I might be reincarnated into the Easter Bunny which my grand-daughter loved tremendously. She was a bunny critic , but it was all good.And no critism from anyone...I now see where I stand....BYE forever.Wish you well jfood and his fans and followers..I guess i don't fit into the click. Must be my hippie days in the 60's.
          In the words of my hippie mother who passed away in 2002......Please don't talk bad about me when I am gone, Just remember my great chicken and dumplins and green tomato pie.When I originally came to this site I said to myself, Finally" I have a place to go to truly express myself regarding the Palm Beach and nearby counties of south Florida. It seems I was in err. People from all over the USA seem to know more than me.So to all of my friends, and non-friends........It has been a great ride.............BYE

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            I live in PBC but I don't see what being a local has to do with it.

            Sorry I gotta agree with Jfood here, if you order and the prices are staring you in the face then you make your choice as to whether to order or not. And never assume anything - 6 or 12 oysters - why not ask?

            I have not been to the restaurant you mentioned but to me it's irrelevant. 2 beers and 2 apps for $40 give or take seems reasonable to me because apps cost almost as much as entrees in a lot of places. You can never compare a restaurant to McD's or Publix. I can make steak at home with sides for a third or a quarter of Capital Grille and my margaritas are just as good, but I gotta shop, cook, prep and clear up. I make a choice to go out for dinner and spend or I can cook at home for a few dollars. Hell, all restaurants seem to charge $11 and up for a plate of pasta for goodness sake and I know I can make the same for a fraction of the price. Where is that value on a price basis?

            Capital Grille
            444 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131

          2. I don't see your post as that big of a deal. The only thing incorrect here IMO is saying you were ripped off. Being ripped off would pertain to being mislead or deceived without your knowledge...aka cheated. It was just a matter of (your) circumstance that you didn't ask if it was a dozen.

            Never take anything for granted....