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Apr 3, 2010 01:31 PM

Valentino restaurant very short review

had dinner at valentino last thursday:
started with the La Verde salad, butter lettuce & spinach salad, Taleggio dressing, Grana Padano, toasted hazelnuts.
it was fine

went on to have the
fusilli with fresh tomato, eggplant, and basil
it was better than fine, but i prefer a less authentic presentation with more sauce relative to the amount of pasta.

for my entree, had the
turbot on a bed of spinach with stewed cherry tomatoes (can't remember the name of this dish),
this was really excellent

and for dessert had the
Sicilian Cannelloni
this was *****PHENOMENAL!!!!
easily the very best cannelloni i've had in my life, by far.
it was served with a tiny scoop of raspberry sorbet, which easily ranked as the best raspberry sorbet i've had in my life.
this dish, to my palate, raises the bar for all other desserts ever anywhere, it was that good.

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  1. Absolutely sublime cannoli, I couldn't agree more

    BTW, did you get the -30%?

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    1. re: RicRios

      yes i got the 30%.

      i will never be able to walk back into that restaurant without getting the cannoli. i've had dreams about it for two nights now . . . .

    2. Hi westsidegal,

      Great review. Thanks. :) I'm glad to hear Valentino's still serving some good food. Thanks for the recommendation on the dessert. Can't wait to go back and try it.

      1. Thanks for the review westsidegal. Very sorry I missed the 30% off promotion. This is on my list in 2010.

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        1. re: streetgourmetla

          you might consider asking them if they'd let you sit in the bar and just order cannelloni; that's what i'm planning to do. i suspect they'll be ok with it if i come during the quiet hours.. . .

        2. Just went for the 1st time, LOVED the pasta esp the squid ink with SB prawns and calamari. And LOVED the 30% off even more! What a great deal. God bless BlackboardEats,

          1. i popped in on friday and had a good meal as well. the tasting menu really offers up good food for an excellent value. and yes, the cannoli's were VERY good!