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Apr 3, 2010 01:13 PM

Where to buy Portugeuse products in Paris?


I am getting into Portuguese cooking but having trouble finding some of the right ingredients,ie:

Lupini beans
Piri Piri chillies
Chourico and other sausages
and more

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!

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  1. Also, whilst we are on the sourcing subject, does anyone know where I can find saltpetre in Paris?

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    1. re: jack van praag

      There's a large fruit and vegetable store on the Rue de Fbg St Denis, a large one on the odd number side of the street between rue l'echiquier and rue d'Enghien. The have a Portugese section (salt cod, natas, vino verdhe amongst other things) but I don't know enough about this cuisine to know how extensive it is.

      You could also try here:

      1. re: jack van praag

        In pharmacies. If they don't have it in stock, they can order it for you, though they might ask you what you want it for as it can be used to make explosives.

      2. There is (strangely enough) a Portuguese stand in the covered Marché de l'Annonciation, place de Passy. There is a very strong Portuguese colony in this area!

        1. If all else fails, you could always ask a Porto resto; I have two within a few blocks and a new Oriental/Asian/African/Europeen boutique at 2, Rue Boinard, two blocks away that Colette got lots of stuff from.

          1. Out of curiosity, what recipe are you trying to make that involves Lupini beans? As far as I know, they are eaten only as a stand-alone snack!

            In fact, the best way to find them is to go into any Portuguese bar which shows football games and ask where they get them. They will have them, since it is traditional to eat them as you drink beer and watch football games.

            In any case, here's an extensive list of Portuguese shops: