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Best Day trips/foodie destinations near Calgary?

Calgary has an excellent selection of places nearby where a foodie can take a day drive and make a destination for a special lunch or dinner or other specialty.

My favorites are Route 40 Soup Company, Bison Mountain Bistro, Mackays Ice cream, and I'm about to try the Priddis View and Brew today. Any other suggestions?

Route 40 Soup Company
146 Main St, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0, CA

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  1. drumheller is a cool trip.try athens for good greek.

    1. Pasu Farms is fun. I'm not a lamb eater myself, but I've heard the restaurant is good. Reservations required at the resto.


      1. There are a number of producers who offer farms gate sales, upicks and the like... Edgar Farms up here does an Asparagus Festival every Spring for instance(their pickled asparagus is fantastic) and Jungle Farm does upick berries and a fall pumpkin patch.There are also seasonal "Country Drives" and I know dee hobsbawn-smith does a guided bus tour they called "Foodie Tootle" look for ads for it in City Palate


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          Sounds like fun! unfortunately I take 2 elderly "limited mobility/handicapped" in laws every second weekend on a local trip, which limits our "upick" type activities!

        2. Buttercup Bakery in Bragg Creek...get a Bear Claw...picture attached. When these puppies are made fresh I drive to Bragg Creek only for this and a coffee.

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            What is in the bear claw? That thing looks huge!

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              I think its the camera angle, It's a bit bigger than my fist...substantial for a doughnut.

          2. Longview for jerky (not exactly lunch/dinner unless you really like jerky!), Field BC for Truffle Pigs Bistro and Banff for Barpa Bills souvlaki.

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              If you go to Longview, you should really try the Longview Steakhouse, next to the Esso. The building and name are both pretty unassuming, but being a family of internationally trained cooks allows them to put out some great meals.

            2. Kind of off topic, but what did you think of Priddis View and Brew?

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                We basically take a drive every second weekend with my handicapped brother in law and his elderly mother. (My preference is to a foodie destination. We decided we wanted to take a longer drive last weekend so ended up in Drumheller. I unfortunately trusted the locals at Drumhellers tourist info center for recommendations since I found little on CH... We ended up at Boston Pizza. Meh :-( Wish I had known about Athens (on my lost for next trip)... sometime after I visit View and Brew (high on my list of must do's) I'll report back as soon as I get there!

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                  I enjoyed the cafe in the little house at 233 Centre St. in Drumheller. I can't remember the name. We had some homemade soup and a strangely delicious curried lamb grilled cheese sandwich (I think the owners are Japanese?)

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                    Don't be in a hurry when you go to the V&B and try a muffin they are all delicious.