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Apr 3, 2010 12:57 PM


Having one dinner in Little Italy and looking for a semi-casual New York type Italian. Would love your recs.

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  1. Po Pazzo is probably what you're looking for, but keep in mind, this is India St. in San Diego, not Mulberry St. in NYC.

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    1. re: mcgrath

      Po Pazzo has a great bar for cocktails. Music some nights as well.

      The food is not great, and overpriced (the place seems a little like a relic of the 2005 striped shirts, spiky hair, mortgage broker era), but if you stick to the apps and a cocktail you can do pretty good.

    2. I would stear clear of any bussalacci restaurant - and po pazzo is one of them.
      Bencotto is getting good reviews or you can never go wrong with Bon Appetitto.

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        1. re: mmjgam

          Why stay clear of Bussalacci restaurants? not good quality? over priced?

      1. I am not sure what New York style italian is but we had an excellent dinner at Bencotto a couple of weeks ago.

        1. Dont go to Po Pazzo for the Sunday buffet, worse than Hometown buffet, cold food, stale bread,very expensive