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Apr 3, 2010 12:48 PM

Best Japanese/Sushi in Calgary?

Over the years the quality of some of my favorite Japanese/Sushi restaurants in Calgary have varied and many new restaurants keep appearing. What is your favorite place for Japanese and Sushi?

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  1. My current rotation is O Shima/El's Japanese Fusion/Midori, but I've had good to great experiences at Uptown, Blowfish, Towa, a TINY little space in the DT west end called Sushi and Co., Tenshi, Sushi Club, Globefish, Ren's (used to be Sushi on Richmond) and Sukiyaki House. The only places I actively avoid are Tokyo Sushi and Fuji Yama though I might not be giving the latter a fair shake.

    I like O Shima for its elegant nigiri, El's for its insanely over-the-top Korean fusion rolls, and Midori as a sort of cheaper version of El's.

    Oh, and for non-sushi Japanese- the best teriyaki I've ever had-- anywhere-- is at Banzai downtown near 4th and 4th SW. 100% Japanese staff and just amazing teriyaki and bento combos. I also live right by a place called Oishii that has one of my favourite dishes; it's tempura tuna don, with tempura broccoli. Never had it anywhere else.

    There are TONS of places outside of my mostly inner-Southwest focus.

    Sukiyaki House
    207 9 Ave SW #130, Calgary, AB T2P 1K3, CA

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      Thanks JM - Your suggestions as always are appreciated (and very respected!)

    2. There are multiple posts on this topic, here are a couple:

      My sushi/sashimi favs: Wa's, Sushi Club, and El's

      For Izakaya type cuisine, I do prefer Shibuya. I love the beef sashimi there.

      1. In my opinion the best expression of authentic Japanese cuisine in Calgary is Sushi Bar Zipang on 1st Ave. in Bridgeland. I have had multiple great experiences there over the years. My only caution is the price; it is not cheap. But it is worth it.

        Sushi Bar Zipang
        1010 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7W7, CA

        1. misai is my gotto.i find they have more variety and items that i havnt found anywhere else.the mentaiko,saba and sazae are stand outs,and ill never say no to tobiko.there is a new place by Marlborough called chopsticks that has tasty takoyaki.