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Apr 3, 2010 12:42 PM

Ribbizz - Barbecue BBQ in Boca Raton

Ribbizz is now open!

Look out Troy's, Tom Jenkins and everyone else. I am not a que expert. But I just had some ribs and collard greens. And I'm still licking my chops.

The greens were fantastic, as good as I've ever had. Ribs were also fabulous. Not fall off the bone but that's not the goal anyway.

There's take out of course but this is also a nice little sit down eat in place with table service.

The service overall was excellent. The entire staff was very eager to please.

They are open today (Sat) 11 to 11 and Sunday 11 to 10 and then Tues-Fri also open.

6020 N. Federal Highway (N of Yamato, East Side
)Boca Raton, Florida

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  1. CFByrne....I always respect your reviews.Can't wait to give it a try, Thanks

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    1. re: HotMelly

      I'll be checking this place out as well........I'm surprised that you mentioned the greens first and the ribs second.....


      1. re: LargeLife

        Again, I am not a Q expert so I'm looking fwd to hearing from Freaker Emac et al.

        Don't read anything into that I commented on the greens first - it's just I was starving, bascially having lunch at 3pm and so that was the easiest thing to shove down my mouth first!

        I'm not sure where the "seats 100" comes from - I'd say there might be 3 or 4 four-tops and perhaps 3 booths for perhaps total 30 seats. So don't try to imagine some huge place.

      2. re: HotMelly

        Carried out Friday afternoon...ribs,broiled chicken and mac and cheese all of which were very fine and a significant improvement over anything other bbq in Boca. I'm not an authority on bbq ,nor am i a bbq purist...actually I'm not a fan of a heavy smoke flavor and so Ribbizz take on ribs is a lighter smoke taste,good spice from the dry rub which,if i heard correctly ,is applied after marinating, then smoking and finished on a grill or under a broiler...however they do it the ribs (St Louis cut) are tender,but as noted are not ,thank heavens,pork jelloi and are crusty in a good way...the chicken and mac and cheese were also very good.Service was understandably a bit harried but friendly and welcoming. The space is fine,not too hokey and informal in a nice way. i hope they prosper in this less then stellar strip mall...they deserve to...

        1. re: dickinboca

          From the menu I picked up before their opening, everything is very reasonably priced. Rib lunch is like $9 and pork sandwich w/1 or 2 sides is about $8. Lots of southern style cooking along with the Q. Too bad they don't have a brunswick stew though.

          I doubt their ribs are marinated and then rubbed but I could be wrong. Maybe brine soaked and then rubbed? I think they have two sauces with one being a habanero.

          I had ribs 2 weekends ago from CW's in Hobe Sound that were better than most in SoFla. This weekend I smoked my own pork shoulder and made a tomato/vinegar/citrus/honey/red chile spiced bbq sauce. Either way, I am ready for more.

          1. re: freakerdude

            Next time you get to CW's, try to make it Friday night for the smoked prime rib. Fantastic.

      3. What used to be there? I'm trying to picture a place that seats 100.

        1. CF, do you know if they cook over wood?

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          1. re: cucuzza

            Their website says that they do cook over "fruit wood".......Just because the website says they do....doesn't make it necessarily so.........I'll be dining their soon.....maybe even this evening.....And see what's what.......

            1. re: LargeLife

              I ventured up to Rib Bizz this evening and dined there at 6:15 p.m. Before I go any further I met the the owner, he's an incredibly nice man and I wish him all the success in the world. Opening a small business of any kind is a frustrating endeavor given the red tape and the money and courage it takes to make it all happen! On to the food.......

              They don't serve St. Louis style spare ribs, only baby backs. I ordered a full slab of baby backs, the mac-n-cheese and collard greens. I also ordere 12 wings with honey BBQ sauce as an appetizer (as I'm a wing fanatic) and love to sample them no matter where I am!

              Well....the collard greens were a bit al dente but very, very flavorful. They had Texas Pete pepper sauce on the table and that was a nice touch. Overall, they were quite good. The Mac-N-Cheese might have been left over from lunch as the noodles and cheese had hardened up a bit but this dish was good but not especially memorable. I really liked the wings as they were fried (but not overly so) and the honey bbq sauce stuck to them very nicely and they were a tasty treat.

              On to the ribs. I'm saddened to say that they were nearly inedible and I was only able to soldier through half of the full rack. BBQ starts with quality meat and the baby backs they're cooking there are rather smallish and not particularly meaty. They were fully cooked (but I can't say smoked because I tasted no smoky flavor). Unfortunately, they weren't cooked long enough to break down the connective tissues and these ribs were very stiff and tough. Forget about gently tugging away from the bones - this was a full-on tug o' war.

              The owner came over to ask me how the ribs are and I told him if really wants to know take a seat and let's talk about them and he did. He told me they don't serve fall off the bone ribs and I told him that's great because that's not what I was looking for. I showed him how tough the ribs were and he still wasn't too convinced. I then asked him to grab one rib and I would grab the one next to it and we (together) had a tough time pulling them apart. He didn't stay around the table much longer after that.

              I did tell him (to be fair) that I do have a bit of background in BBQ both as a cook and as a judge but I wasn't looking for nor expecting competition quality BBQ. There's a huge difference between competition BBQ and restaurant BBQ and that's not what I was looking for or expecting at all. Instead, I was just looking for some reasonably good ribs to eat and that was it. Unfortunately on this day the ribs they served me just weren't good. Period.

              I take no pleasure in giving a negative review of this establishment. The servers were extremely friendly and the service was very good. The restaurant is warm and welcoming. And I did enjoy the collards, the mac-n-cheese and the wings.

              But it says Rib Bizz out front and the meat is the thing in any BBQ restaurant that bills itself as such. And I'm saddened to say the ribs were simply inedible and I left half the rack behind. At 6'7 and 300lbs that's not something that happens very often.

              I'm sorry things weren't better.....truly.


              1. re: LargeLife

                A well thought out and informative review -- thank you!

                And by the way, I agree with you completely on your views of the small, independent business owner and the perils he faces.

                1. re: LargeLife

                  Your "sentimental" negative review brought tears to my eyes...
                  That is a very kind way you put it when you said "I take no pleasure in giving a negative review of this establishment"...

                  I feel your pain, "Large Life", when one encounters such a personable small business owner like this....
                  and as much as we WANT to give the joint a positive review, we just can't...

                  And in YOUR case, you & the owner had a certified tug of war with those ribs!!!
                  (and it sounds like the ribs won , unfortunately!!)

                  I also admire the way you handled the situation when the owner came by and asked you how your ribs were.... I like that you told him "If you'd really like to know, have a seat, and I'll tell you"...
                  (I may actually borrow your style, when I have a case like this myself)

            2. I had lunch at Ribbizz on Tuesday with my 2 brothers. Walked in around noon, place was half empty. Found a booth and began to look at the menu. Nice waitress took our order and we then waited 45 minutes to be served. We ordered 2 pork sandwiches and a chicken dinner. We kept asking what was up and the waitress said sorry that a big order was ahead of us. Then the meals came out 1 at a time. Pork sandwich, 5 minutes later another pork sandwich and 5 minutes later the chicken. Odd. Service was bad. To the food. Pork sandwich was great, sauce was sweet but very good. The beans are very sweet, tatsted some molasses in there, pretty good. Overall, not the best experience. Wouldn't go there if I was in a hurry.

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              1. re: willy224

                I didn't mention in my review that my waitress told me it would be at least a half hour before the babyback ribs that I ordered would be ready.....I was rather taken aback by that.....but they showed up in about 15 minutes.....which was acceptable.......

                I hope this isn't seen as "piling on" because again, doing BBQ in a restaurant settin is difficult and I fully realize that.......It's also difficult to deliver high quality BBQ in that same setting as well.....That's why I always encourage people to hit BBQ restaurants during peak periods as that's when you're likely to get the best product.....Product that's been recently cooked.....fresh and hot from the grill / smoker......and not something that's been sitting around under a lamp........

                I'm hopeful that this place 'gets it right' because this is an area they can really prosper in....While I was there take-out business was good and hopefully that continues and these folks make a real go of it........


                1. re: LargeLife

                  I went there last week an ordered the pork snadwich, collard greens and macncheese for take out. I too spoke to owner while I waited for 30 minutes for my order. He was very nice but has his job cut out. When I got to my destination I was greatly diappointed to find out that I did not received what I had ordered. Instead of sides I ordered, I got potato salad and cole slaw. I will not be returning for awhile.

              2. The service was slow and the ribs were so tough I could barely separate them with a knife. My chicken breast (although I requested dark meat) was cold on the inside and also very tough.

                I don't see any mention of Rock & Roll Ribs in this forum. I've been there twice and really enjoyed the food.

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                1. re: Mat Josher

                  tough ribs! Cold chicken interior!
                  tough chicken meat! .......sorry to hear

                  Does'nt look like I'll be trying this place anytime soon....
                  But I will put "Rock & Roll Ribs" on my "to do" list for my next Florida visit!

                  1. re: ellen4441

                    I will try Rib Bizz again in a few weeks. I'm hoping the problems were due to the chaos associated with opening a new restaurant. Something about the place makes me optimistic.