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Apr 3, 2010 11:50 AM

Flagels vs. Bagels less calories, less carbs or the same

I'm wondering does anyone know if flagels have less carbs, less calories or
are they the same amount as the normal bagels?
secondly do you think sandwiches are better on flagels b/c of more surface area
or bagels are better, sandwiches such as pastrami's and breakfast sandwiches like
ham, egg and cheese???

thanks NYC foodies

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  1. I would think that flagels are made from the exact same dough as bagels, so how many calories they have compared to bagels would simply depend upon their comparative weight. Weigh one of each and that will give you your answer. Ditto for carbs.

    As for which are better for sandwiches, that must be strictly a matter of taste.

    1. The same. It's just a regular bagel that's been flattened. The bagel stores I've bought flagels from make them the exact same way, size, ingrediets, but flatten them.