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Apr 3, 2010 10:40 AM

Spring picnic ideas needed!

Hello hounds,

So my birthday's coming up in mid-April, and it's a big one. After years upon years of baking everybody exactly what they want for their birthdays, I've decided to do myself the same favor. I'll be having a picnic (assuming weather is good) and have the dessert aspect already planned out: key lime pie, rhubarb cobbler, black forest cake.

So now I just need non-sweet picnic ideas. Two catches: the first, I won't have access to grills or anything so I need to bring everything pre-made. The second - I don't really eat meat and most of my friends don't either, so I'd like to keep this strictly vegetarian (cheese/eggs ok.)

All I can come up with so far - homemade crackers, cheese, dips, that sort of thing. Your usual uninspired pasta salads and bean salads, sigh. Anybody have brilliant ideas for me?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. devilled egg salad for your homemade crackers. roasted grape tomatoes and peppers. a thermos of gingered vegetable broth with chopped cilanto and lime to add when you pour.

    1. Pimento & Cheese Sandwiches.......

      Have Fun!

      1. You could do a vegie quiche or fritta. Will you do shrimp? I have a great recipe for a roasted shrimp and orzo salad. You could do up some roasted tomatoes, and make a nice sandwhich with fresh mozzarella, the tomatoes, and some fresh basil leaves. Steam up some artichokes, serve with some mayo that has dijon and marjorum added. They are great at room temp, always a favorite app at my house. Roasted vegies, a few cheeses and some excellent bread, olive oil and balsamic a must.

        1. How about an asparagus and morel quiche? It seems special and springlike.

          1. Individual Fruit Cocktails
            Pears with Walnut Whip Dressing
            Pineapple Honolulu
            Stuffed Portabella's

            You can find some of the recipes here: