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Apr 3, 2010 09:07 AM

Looking for a couple of suggestions between Franklin Ma and Norwich VT

In about a week, we are coming back East for a few days and want to take a road trip to King Arthur Flour up in Norwich VT. We are thinking of taking a meandering trek up I-495 to I-93 to I-89. On the other hand we might go up I-495 to route 2 then up I-91 [but that is another board now]

Breakfast and Dinner suggestions would be great. and if there might be any farmers markets going on though it might be too early in the season.

I think we are going to hit The Mill in Quechee for Lunch so that is all set.

Any thoughts?

Take Care.

- P,

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  1. Spruce Pond Ice Cream in Franklin is GREAT ! Be sure to stop....I think they had a brick-oven pizza shop attached, too.

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      I will have to try it one of these days when I am back in Town. Probably not this trip though. My Kind relations who still are in the are have not been fans though they might be biased since we grew up eating Pizza from the old Union Cafe [Willie's] and the Rome [Gino's]

      1. How about Yama, a Korean/Japanese restaurant in West Lebanon, NH?
        Manchester NH would give you a lot of dinner options. Is there a particular cuisine you favor?

        There is an indoor farmers market on Saturdays in Warner NH. It will be on your right as you drive thru town (Rt 103) heading north. It's an easy on/off Rt 89. You can get back on Rt 89 at the other end of town. I haven't been to this market.

        Yama Restaurant
        96 Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784

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          While you're in Norwich stop at Allechante for unreal baked goods, and coffees or sandwiches and prepared foods from their deli counter. You will not regret it.

          61 Central St, Woodstock, VT 05091

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            If there is no baked goods @ King Arthur Flour while we are there we'll move on to Allechante

            61 Central St, Woodstock, VT 05091

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            Mostly we are looking for experiences we can't find in LA. Breakfasts which include lots of Dark Thick Maple Syrup and Fat Blueberries in pancakes. Also not found in LA; a Baked Bean Supper with Red Dogs.

            We are most likely heading up on Wednesday, so the Saturday market in Warner would be out and we're going to do this as a day trip so most likely we'd be far south by dinner time. Though I will check suggestions in Manchester to see what we can find there..

            My father used to take us to Brooksie's all the time on the way up to Winooski. If there is an excellent version of that, found on the way up, It would be great.

            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              Bad timing. Baked bean suppers on Saturday nights have started but we have ham, not red dogs.

          3. Sarducci's Italian Restaurant
            3 Main Street
            Montpelier, VT 05602
            *Thought by some to be the best Italian food in the state.

            Julio's Mexican Restaurant
            54 State Street, Montpelier

            Carpenter and Main
            326 Main Street
            Norwich, VT‎
            *Fresh Vermont ingredients.

            Jasper Murdock's Alehouse‎
            325 Main Street
            Norwich, VT‎

            Norwich Inn Restaurant‎
            325 Main Street
            Norwich, VT‎

            Main Street
            Norwich, VT‎

            Miss Lyndonville Diner
            686 Broad St.
            Lyndonville, VT 05851
            *Good Breakfasts.

            The Warren Store
            284 Main Street
            Warren, VT 05674
            *Great sandwiches and a big deck next to the Mad River.

            Camels Hump View Farm
            A nice Bed and Breakfast, across the street these folks run a snack shop that has really good maple ice cream (Maple Creamee
            )150 Route 100 B
            Moretown, VT
            (not too far from the Warren Store)

            Red Hen Baking Co. & Cafe
            961 U.S. 2
            Middlesex, VT 05602

            Morse Farm Maple Sugar Works
            1168 County Road
            Montpelier, VT 05602
            *Maple Syrup, maple ice cream, other maple products; store and educational displays about the making of maple syrup.

            Cold Hollow Cider Mill
            3600 Waterbury-Stowe Road, (Route 100
            )Waerbury Center, VT 05677

            Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
            Factory Tour
            1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd. (Rout 100
            )Waterbury, VT

            Billings Farm and Museum
            Woodstock, VT

            Shellburne Farms
            Shelburne, VT
            *Tried one of their two year old aged cheeses; my brother thought it was better than Cabot and he is snooty about cheese since having moved to Europe.

            Cabot Cheese

            Norwich Inn Restaurant
            325 Main Street, Norwich, VT

            Carpenter and Main
            Norwich, VT, Norwich, VT

            3 Main St, Montpelier, VT 05602

            Miss Lyndonville Diner
            686 Broad St, Lyndonville, VT 05851

            Allechante Main
            PO Box 1570, Norwich, VT 05055

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            1. re: Khotso98

              Julio's has not been worth the price of whatever you're buying there for many years. The quality of the food went very much downhill about five or six years ago. Don't waste your money or time going there.

              There are plenty of other great places in the Montpelier area that are worth it. :)

            2. Hey P! I hope you and P took good notes since my bro and I will be taking a roadtrip from the UP through Canada into Maine in October. I will be hitting you up for recs, so be ready!! ;-)