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Best Places in Connecticut to eat outdoors --> April 2010 version


We love to go to any outdoor seating restaurant venues with average to above average food of any type. I just was curious as to what would be the latest and greatest places that accomodate whether its the shore or inland we would go anywhere!

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for reading


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  1. Cafe Grounded in Guilford, CT is very nice once they open the outside.

    Cafe Grounded
    20 Church St, Guilford, CT 06437

    1. You don't say where you are, but if you are near Westbrook, I have two suggestions. Edd's deli has a screened in gazebo overlooking a marsh often populated by shorebirds and kayakers and their food (typical family favorites) is always satisfying. Bill's Seafood, while not my favorite fish shop in the area, is quite adequate and has a pleasant porch overlooking a wetland with osprey nests. We also ate at an outdoor table at Pazzo (upscale Italian) last year, but they had a change of staff and I'm not sure if they are offering that this year, but you could ask.

      1. just enjoyed a great meal on the outdoor patio of Lucky Lou's in the center of old Wethersfield

        1. The Place -- Guilford. Not just seats outdoors, but also the kitchen! Everything. Open wood fired lobster, seafood, and chicken. BYOBSD -- booze, sides and deserts. Don't wear anything fancy cause you'll sit on tree stumps. And order the bbq'ed clams. Simply the tastiest I've had anywhere, The wood fired lobster is unique, sumptuous, and addictive. Doesn't need butter. Lobster Pound value.

          Drive up BPR and look for smoke. Don't know if they're open yet. .Go early in the season or the evening to beat the lines. And drop over to Bishop's Apple Orchards for the best Kettle Corn ever. And fruit in the fall.

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            +1 on The Place. The jfoods used to call it Whitey's. Been there forever.


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              The bagelmans also still call it Whitey's

              see this link for history, etc.


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                thanks buddy. trying to get a group to go there in the near future.

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              AGREE re: The Place in Guilford. LOVE IT!!! Their Salmon is terrific!! Also try Bill's Seafood Shack in Clinton/Westbrook. Typical, "clam shack" fare but ambience is fun.

              1. Wow,
                Thanks for the suggestions. We are from Kensington (Central) Connecticut but we travel far and make an event out of it. We end up antiquing or doing other tourist type stuff based on what the area has to offer.
                We went to place called Apricots off of the Farmington River. The food was very good but the cool breeze coming off the river was incredible. I have got a nice new list now to explore. I also was told that a place known as Skippers in North Stonington is nice with very good to excellent meals.

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                  We go to Apricots every year on the first day that it feels like spring. It is wonderful to sit by the Farmington River and have a drink or some food. They have been featuring a recession buster special menu. The menu changes every night and it's quite reasonable--maybe $10-$12. Most of the food served there is good.

                  Apricots-Ann Howard
                  1593 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT 06032

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                    It is absolutely delightful to sit outside on a nice day and have lunch at Skipper's Dock. Many people like their lobster roll which is served on nice bread and gruere cheese on it. I'm not fond of the cheese. Mostly everyone I know enjoys it there.

                    Skipper's Dock
                    66 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

                  2. The Lobster Shack in Branford and Lobster Landing in Clinton both have outdoor seating, also the only seating, the food at both places is great and well priced, both with marina views.
                    The Sand Bar in West Haven is a great place for fried seafood with outdoor seating, the only thing is the view is of traffic and of little interest, but the lightly coated, greaseless, fresh seafood is well worth the lack of view.

                    Lobster Landing
                    152 Commerce St, Clinton, CT

                    Lobster Shack
                    7 Indian Neck Ave, Branford, CT

                    1. The Blue Oar in Haddam, CT is a great place for outdoor eating. It's right on the Connecticut River. You go into a small shack to place your order, great sandwiches, burgers, seafood and desserts, and then sit down at the picnic table-style seating right on the bank of the river and wait for them to bring you your meal. BYOB is encouraged and people make the most of it..

                      Blue Oar
                      16 Snyder Rd, Haddam, CT 06438

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                        Is blue oar open yet? I called their phone this weekend and it was disconnected...

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                          The Blue Oar usually opens Mother's day weekend for the season

                          Blue Oar
                          16 Snyder Rd, Haddam, CT 06438

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                              ganache123 do you do wedding cakes for any other caterers in CT?

                        2. Abbotts in the Rough - picnic tables, marina next door, watch boats come and go, BYOB

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                            Splash in Westport has great views and although the food is solid, it is overpriced.

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                              Abbott's is #1 for atmosphere, but the food is pretty mediocre. So it depends on what you want--it's a great place to sit and watch boat traffic go by in a very nice spot, but don't expect too much from the food.

                            2. I second Sharpe Hill Winery. You have to make a reservation and hope for good weather but the experience is AMAZING!

                              1. THE SANDBAR SEAFOOD 31 KIMBERLY AVE. West Haven. This place is the best for seafood!! lobster rolls, whole belly, anything you want made right there in front of you. Oh and home made onion rings are to die for!! They have inside and outside seating. Nice staff and great service, with a smile.