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Apr 3, 2010 07:30 AM

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Pairings?

Hello, everyone! I have been put in charge of making dessert for my family's Easter get-together. Seeing how it is going to be 75 degrees and sunny, I thought some delicous salted caramel ice cream would be the perfect treat. However, I am vegan and so have very little experience with dessert flavor combinations. I am not sure what else to pair with the ice cream. I need your ideas, pronto! I was thinking maybe a chocolate brownie or some sort of cake. I am a bit lost though, any and all suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!

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  1. How about almond tuiles as dessert cups for your salted caramel ice cream?
    Picture here:

    Recipe from Gourmet here:

    Or maybe chocolate tuiles?

    If you really want something dark chocolaty to pair with ice cream, you might try these flourless chocolate cookies (based on Payard's). Skip the can skip the espresso, but it definitely intensifies the chocolate, so if you have it, use it. I wouldn't add the white chocolate chips either...let the contrast be solely chocolate against the ice cream. It could be perfect!

    Did you make your own ice cream, btw? I've wanted to try making salted caramel.

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      I do make my own ice cream. Salted caramel ice cream used to be my favorite, until I became vegan, of course... It is so very easy to make your own ice cream. In fact, salted caramel is probably the most difficult ice cream I have ever made, and the only difficult portion is making the caramel a good level of burnt. You should definitely try the recipe in 'The Perfect Scoop'. Dynamite.

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        By the way - I bet the salted caramel would work well with a coconut cream and cornstarch base to make it vegan.

    2. An apple tarte tatin seems like a perfect pairing for salted caramel ice cream...and easy too!

      1. Salted caramel is a really versatile flavor.

        Here are a few ideas

        Roasted bananas
        Fresh strawberry tart
        Carmelized mango or pineapple tart
        Chocolate almond cake
        Sweet almond cake (the french laundry one is actually not hard and very good)
        Hazelnut meringues
        Passion fruit on top of vanilla meringues
        Make it into profiteroles
        Rhubarb apple crumble
        Dried figs
        Sesame cake

        1. Nectarine halves brushed with honey and lemon and broiled, along with some crumbled gingersnaps!

          Mocha sauce and some crumbled ladyfingers