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Apr 2, 2010 09:11 PM

my refried beans are gross-what am i doing wrong?

i've attempted to make refried beans by using cooked dry black beans and each time they come out lumpy with a bad texture or too runny and watery. blah! i'm not sure whether it's the refried beans recipe or the beans themselves. maybe they're not cooked correctly? Any advice will help. thanks!

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  1. Would have to see your recipe to know for sure but assuming you are cooking the pot of beans correctly, after that you want to fry up a little onion (and garlic if you want) in lard or oil and start with just a cup or so of beans, using a slotted spoon so it's only the beans, and then maybe half a cup of bean broth. Cook it for a little bit before mashing, then cook some more until it's thick. Keep adding more beans and brother until you've used up all your beans.

    If you're just mashing the entire pot together that's too much liquid. Even if you're using a stick blender it's best to drain the beans first and then add back maybe half the reserved broth. In general you should be able to just continue cooking them (at higher heat with lots of storing) to boil off some of the liquid and thicken the beans,

    And hopefully your broth is flavorful as well - throw some onion, garlic and bay leaf in there for the initial cooking of the dried beans.

    1. Here is a simple recipe that taste great.4 cups cooked beans and 12ozs evaporated milk.blend or mash to desired consistency,season to taste.Try it youll like it.

      1. Black refried beans are the norm in the Yucatan and are usually served pureed. I add sauteed finely diced onion and a jalapeno, with lard or a little chorizo fat, top with crumbled mexican cheese. It makes a good base for huevos rancheros and motulenos, too.