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Apr 2, 2010 08:44 PM

River Road drive from Baton Rouge to NOLA

We four are starting in Baton Rouge for a night and then driving to New Orleans.

What might we seek out on the drive? We intend to drive the River Road and, perhaps, stop at a plantation.

If there are any chowish destinations, we'd be interested. Slighthly off-topic, we'd eagerly accept recommendations about the best plantations (Houma, San Francisco?) to visit.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Folks, please remember this is a food discussion forum, posts not discussing food or drink will be removed.

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    1. If you want to make a detour, you could swing up to Middendorf's in Manchac. It's worth the detour.

      I know there have been a few posts in other threads as to eateries closer to the plantations, but I can't remember the names. Maybe search the boards?

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        We ate at Oak Alley yesterday. It was excellent. I had crawfish stew over fried catfish and the salad with the house viniagrete. My boyfriend had the red beans and rice and said they were excellent also. Yum. Wish I would have saved room for the dessert. They brought out a tray but we were both too full. Bocage Plantation was recently restored. Not sure if they serve food yet.

        1. re: carol land

          A Baton Rouge friend told me that he had eaten at Houmas House a few weeks ago and that it was very good. Don;t know what he had, though. And the standard recommendation on that BR-to-NO route is Hymel's, on the east bank just below the Sunshine Bridge.

          I was unaware that there was food service planned for Bocage...I did not even know it was open to the public until I heard something about it a couple of weeks ago. I have not been, of course, but i am sure I liked it better before.

          Hymel's Restaurant
          15805 River Rd, Hahnville, LA 70057

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Bocage was bought by a Texan and redone. Not sure if they are serving food. My hat is off to the Texan. We went to the auction and the home needed help. Sorry Chowhound mods for getting off topic.

            1. re: carol land

              B and C Seafood in Vacherie is local, authentic and serves a great meal. Easy stop by Oak Alley and Laura Plantations. Oak Alley is the Tara tour and Laura is a Creole plantation. It was real interesting to see the differences in just a few miles.

              1. re: carol land

                CL .... Yes it was sold at auction and the contents. I rue the day I passed the opportunity to bid on what were surely some fine furnishings at Bocage. Going back to dining options, I do enjoy Hymel's plate lunches on M-F and their fish bowl punch glasses. Further up, I generally eat lunch twice a week at Roberto's in St. Gabriel. Not sure if you have been, but I enjoy the food there very much and the owner is extremely hospitable. Generally, they have two daily lunch specials. One of the few places on/near River Road that I need to hit is Nobile's in Lutcher. Would be interested in seeing reader comments for this restaurant.

                NB To the CH webmaster: Don't know why the automatic pin for Hymel's location posts with an address of Hahnville when Hymel's is really in Convent, La and, in fact, the only thing I ever associate with Hahnville is the Waterford 3 nuclear power plant.

                Hymel's Restaurant
                15805 River Rd, Hahnville, LA 70057

          2. re: midcity

            Manchac's Middendorfs used to be an annual thing for us to take the grandmothers on mothers day. That place has been around forever.. and on Sunday's after church there used to be a line out the door.. Mothers day was no exception.