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Apr 2, 2010 07:32 PM

MoC MoC Sushi, Princeton

J and I had a great dinner tonight at Princeton's newest sushi & Japanese cuisine restaurant.

We called ahead for a res'v and were advised they only take res'v for 8's or more. No problem as we were already on our way, parked in the Spring Street garage less than a block away and made a quick stop in Witherspoon Wines for a bottle of Chardonnay.

The restaurant is on Tulane Street next to the Princeton Record Exchange and the building has been totally redone inside and out. The result is a very hip, modern, inviting and comfortable space.

We decided to share everything so we ordered edamame and an avocado salad to start. Both were very fresh with the edamame served piping hot. The salad was served (at our request) with their house ginger dressing on the side. The dressing was very good and was thicker than many we've had in the past.

For our second course we ordered a couple of their gourmet sushi rolls - the Dragon roll and the Transformer roll along with an ala carte order of toro (fatty tuna).

The Dragon roll was a combination eel and cucumber roll wrapped with thinly sliced avocado and topped with caviar. Overall it was good with the eel being very mild and not distinctive. We'd recommend it for someone trying eel for the first time.

The Transformer roll was excellent. It is a combination of tuna, salmon, white tuna and avocado, wrapped in seaweed then very lightly fried and topped with a spicy sauce. The sauce really set it off and the combination was so good that we ordered a second.

The ala carte toro was two pieces of super fresh, melt in your mouth quality. Could have had a lot more but the second Transformer roll really filled us up!

Service throughout was excellent. After dinner we had a chance to meet one of the owners Carrie Chang. Carrie manages the front of the house while her brother Michael is behind the sushi bar. Both worked previously at Sunny Garden and now have their own place to showcase their skills. Their experience shows as the place was full yet running without a hiccup, after being open for only a week.

All in all, a very welcomed addition to Princeton and we look forward to many return visits to enjoy more of the cuisine.

Now, about the name... MoC MoC is a take on Carrie and Michael's initials and also a play on the Japanese greeting of moshi moshi. MoC can be pronounced MoShi. We like the creativity.

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  1. Foody, great report, sounds really good and the place looks stylish. We're in Princeton quite often and MoC MoC is now on our list to try.

    1. I had the chance to go to Mo C Mo C too.
      My favorite is their lobster fruit salad. It is to die for.
      Their fish is amazing fresh. I had couple chief special rolls and white tuna.
      AMAZING. I am going back for more this weekend.
      Great review.

      1. great sushi! excellent service! we went moc moc sushi for dinner friday night.
        it was so good that we went again and brought our in-laws the following day for lunch.
        compliments to the chef! can't wait to try some more dishes from the menu!

        1. great to hear! I live super close to this restaurant, might get some tonight :)

          1. MoC MoC, the new Japanese Restaurant in Princeton (since end of March 2010), is tucked into a space on Tulane Street, a few doors down from Nassau. It’s a happy discovery. Menu selections are freshly appealing, and one looks forward to more than one visit to try a variety of them. The food is well presented and delicious, and the service is attentive and friendly. The décor is sleek and attractive, although every surface is hard and reflects sound. No thought has been given to noise absorption or the value of cloth, carpet, or a few acoustic panels. Of course, most diners converse quietly and all is well. However, when a group of four or more raise their voices to match their high spirits, the rest of the diners must shout to hear each other in this tiny venue.

            Although my friends and I have only tried five offerings on the menu, we found them all to be pleasing, satisfying, and well-priced, on the upper side of reasonable. Their Gourmet Sushi rolls are marvelous. Sadly, the customary pot of tea does not accompany the meal. Instead, for two dollars, you can each choose jasmine or green tea, and receive a cup with a bag in it, and a small carafe of hot water -- a poor value, and an aesthetic disappointment. The tea is good, the choice is welcome, but the absence of a pot of tea for the table detracts from the graciousness one is accustomed to in Japanese restaurants.

            I plan to return here, and I recommend MoC MoC, in hopes that their initial decisions about acoustics and a beverage choice that excludes a welcoming pot of tea will be remedied. Arrive early. BYOB if you wish. No lunch menu on weekends.

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            1. re: eatout8

              Usually Japanese Rstaurant doesn't charge TEA.
              Also Tea was not so good at my visit...