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Apr 2, 2010 06:41 PM

New Ho King ...never again

Just ate ...or rather threw away some of the nastiest, most tasteless and generally awful Chinese food we've ever had. After much back and forth, and after seeing a couple of ok to good reviews on chow..thought we'd give it a try.

Ok is good friday...and i am sure they were busy...but.....

The moo-shoo veg was described by my partner as "crude, slimy, foul-tasting and off-putting" suspecting a certain pickiness might be at play...I sampled the dish and yes...i can attest, the single worst moo-shoo veg i have ever tasted in 20 years in Canada...and Europe heck even including the UK....and i eat a lot of chinese food.

How to sum up the dish...well... take one bucket of well past fresh bean sprouts,when they start to smell a little and slime in the fridge......then add one mg of soy..couple of old bits of mushroom throw in a pan and cook until fully slimy...that pretty much sums it up. no seasoning, no bite, no spicing, no nada. Utterly awful.

The obviously pre-frozen, vegetarian spring rolls had been so completely cremated that it was hard to tell what was a bit of burnt shell from possible bits of charred pork...inside the VEGGIE spring rolls...which wouldn't be surprising as multiple pieces were pulled from the inedible and "certainly vegetarian" moo-shoo veg.

and on and on it could go...Barbecue ribs, so dry, so old, so stringy and so tasteless...
a beef dish containing beef with no discernible taste of anything - sat gracefully on a cold congealed wedge of overcooked rice noodle. Gotta say, after 20 odd years living in Toronto, this comes right near the top of worst chinese food experience ever.

So.....New Ho...err no.

New Ho King
416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA

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  1. Where you sober at the time? Because eating there being anything other than absolutely ripped would account for the dishes being as bad as you say they are.

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      Unfortunately i was stone-cold sober. Didn't actually eat there, got delivery....why oh why. One of those friend of a friend rec's - should have known better.

      But safe to say that unless I was utterly plastered and hadn't eaten for a while...never again, debated giving some of it to the dog this morning,,,but thought better of is now happily rotting in my recycling composter thingie..Usually i worry about raccoons getting into the composter thing...but am currently thinking...hey masked bandits ...come on yer fill...might aid in rodent destruction.

    2. I've eaten at New Ho King a various of times, and the food has always been decent - mind you, I order off the chinese menu.

      Their canadian-chinese menu is geared to be cheaper, so I assume the quality would be iffy. I do remember eating off that menu while visiting friends at UofT 5 to 6 years ago - it was cheap, tasty, and free delivery.

      Try the more traditional chinese menu, it's very decent. The kitchen is also surprisingly clean, even after the Dumpling House and Happy Seven scandals.

      New Ho King
      416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA

      Dumpling House Restaurant
      328 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E7, CA

      Happy Seven Restaurant
      358 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G4, CA

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      1. re: dachopstix

        Thanks for bad as it was...and it was...i have eaten from their in-house menu a few times, admittedly a while back and usually after returning from a live music performance where beverages were consumed, and you may me right...certainly nothing i've ever had at the restaurant has equated to what was delivered.

        1. re: Minister of Kebab

          Something VERY Bad has happened recently at New Ho King. Mehtinks a new chef or cooks. For years I have eaten at New Ho King,, because it was the right mix of quality/quantity and price. About two weeks ago I ordered for delivery (Have eaten in, done takeout and had delivery) and the food was so bad it resembled the original poster's description. Completely inedible, and stomach churning.

          I hope there is a private detective chowhound who can find out whats happening at this place.

          New Ho King
          416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA

      2. I ate there quite a few times while at UofT and it was never very good to begin with, but I ordered delivery from there recently and it was absolutely terrible. Inedible

        1. Go at peak meal times (yes, there are lineups) and note the numerous Chinese families that are enjoying themselves. We order CHINESE cuisine which is well prepared and radiate "wok hay". If you're going to order ersatz Chinese food (what I call Joe Blotz Chinese), stick to neighbourhood joints that specialize in that genre. Of course, when my family go to NHK, we order in Cantonese, which helps.

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          1. re: Big Kahuna 1

            You know, that attitude really bothers me. We go to Cantonese places and order in Cantonese as well, but most of those places are authentically Cantonese and don't even serve the chow mein/chop suey dishes. If you are going to be in business serving this kind of food, the at least make an effort to do it well. Not everyone is educated in the finer points of Chinese cuisine. Some folks are just looking for a decent meal. Does this mean they should be penalized? To serve Cantonese speakers good food and the 'ignorant gwailos' inferior crap is not only dishonest and despicable, it is also racist. Can you imagine the furor that would erupt if a western restaurant here routinely served Chinese customers inferior food to Caucasian ones? It would not be tolerated. You seem to delight in your linguistic advantage and take the attitude that everyone else deserves what they get. No one deserves bad food and places that serve it should go out of business, period.

            1. re: Big Kahuna 1

              To echo Munchie's comments, how do I order in Cantonese if I don't speak the language? I hear a lot about ordering off the "real" Chinese menus at various places, but when I've tried, I don't have much success getting anywhere. The best Chinese meals I've had have been with a friend's family who are originally from HK. I want the same food; it's so good! I just dont know how to order it...

              1. re: Big Kahuna 1

                Thank you big time i am in india ordering in hindi remind me not to tell you what i get....or how to order it. At the risk of being bleeped out...that post was a load of ...wait, can't quite come up with a word that will pass the censors..

                sure downtown toronto most everyone has a few languages they speak that can indeed be a key to getting access to dishes and services at places that joe (non - check language of your choice) speaking public doesn't get. Big whoop. what is especially irritating however is when its flaunted as some sort of childish foodie one upmanship (zzzzz.....)
                frankly if were to learn cantonese in addition to the languages i do speak ...not sure i'd bother at NHK.

              2. I've always had a soft spot for NHK, if only because they're the only place that delivers when I come home from the odd late shift. But lately, I've noticed a definite drop in the quality. Has there been any change in ownership? Anything else that could affect the food?

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                1. re: piccola

                  I suspect there has been a set of changes in the kitchen...prior to my horrendous meal noted above, i'd actually had not bad food...sure never five star...but ok food...from a couple of other posts and a couple of friends who used to go...seems like change in kitchen staff to me.