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Need an idea for a roasted squash lasagna topping....

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One of my favorite meals I make is a lasagna with layers of lasagna noodles, roasted butternut squash, sauteed chard & sometimes ricotta. I usually serve it with a sage butter on top. (It is very delicious and reminiscent of a pumpkin or squash ravioli with a sage butter) There are similar recipes on the internet and they always call for a bechamel sauce on top, but this never seems quite right to me. I find bechamel so.....uninspired. There has to be something better to top it with so the noodles don't dry out. Any ideas?

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  1. A mixture of grated cheese with buttered cracker crumbs.

    1. a wash of cream with a grating of parm. topped with evoo sauteed italian breadcrumbs?

      1. i'd spread a layer of pumpkin seed pesto (roasted garlic, pumpkin seeds and parsley or spinach) over the top, and sprinkle with grated cheese and crushed pumpkin seeds.

        1. I top mine with shredded cheese and crushed hazelnuts in addition to a little of your dreaded bechamel.

          1. toasted pecans and sliced dried cranberries

            1. Ooooo I love your idea of sage butter on top - that sounds delicious!!!! And I think you're right bechamel won't do anything for it. Have you thought about using a tomato-based sauce? Tomatoes are nice with butternut squash, tomatoes are nice with spinach, and tomato sauce is really lovely mixed with fresh ricotta and basil. It would work to keep everything moist - and the flavour would complement everything.

              If you really wanted to go a bit more untraditional - you could try something like a sun-dried tomato pesto & mix in some soft goat cheese with the ricotta. Or you could go in an entirely different direction, and make a tomato sauce and mix a chipotle chile - for a smoky sweet spicy finish. I know, very far off from a traditional sense, but could be tasty nonetheless.