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Apr 2, 2010 04:13 PM

Need an idea for a roasted squash lasagna topping....

One of my favorite meals I make is a lasagna with layers of lasagna noodles, roasted butternut squash, sauteed chard & sometimes ricotta. I usually serve it with a sage butter on top. (It is very delicious and reminiscent of a pumpkin or squash ravioli with a sage butter) There are similar recipes on the internet and they always call for a bechamel sauce on top, but this never seems quite right to me. I find bechamel so.....uninspired. There has to be something better to top it with so the noodles don't dry out. Any ideas?

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  1. A mixture of grated cheese with buttered cracker crumbs.

    1. a wash of cream with a grating of parm. topped with evoo sauteed italian breadcrumbs?

      1. i'd spread a layer of pumpkin seed pesto (roasted garlic, pumpkin seeds and parsley or spinach) over the top, and sprinkle with grated cheese and crushed pumpkin seeds.

        1. I top mine with shredded cheese and crushed hazelnuts in addition to a little of your dreaded bechamel.

          1. toasted pecans and sliced dried cranberries