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Caribbean "a la cart" at Bay & King

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Noticed a new Toronto "a la cart" setting-up shop on the southeast corner of Bay & King this week. Stopped by yesterday to check-out the menu. They're serving jerk ($5), jerk roti ($7), curry chicken roti ($7) and grilled pineapple ($2).

Had the jerk roti. It was fantastic -- above average roti skin, tender chicken and to my surprise, a whole whack of ripe mango.

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  1. mm... grilled pineapple! Will check this out!! I miss eating jerk chicken (Crystal Planet closed and I dunno where they went)...

    1. The women that run this cart are so sweet and man, do they know how to cook! I just had the curry chicken roti with hot sauce and gobbled it up! And I completely agree with you Jon B, the jerk roti is so delicious. What a nice change for lunch. I will be going to this cart at least once a week for my 'jerk' fix.

      1. Is this the same one listed here @ yonge and St Clair?
        Menu looks the same.

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          Yes it is., I just googled. Sad I didn't know of it when it was closer to my place.

        2. Oh, awesome, thanks so much! There is a real need for Caribbean in the Financial District.

          1. i'm soo excited to try the grilled pinapple! has any tried it yet? waht are the hours of this place?
            i also noted a cart at NPS, at Queen and Bay, north west corner. they were selling Chicken or veg Biriyani, chicken Tikka roti and one more thing that i can't recall. there was quite a long line up! has anyone tried this cart yet?

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              Yes, the grilled pineapple is awesome...they sprinkle it with cinnamon and some other spices, then grill it and serve it on a skewer. Had it two days in a row! Just try to order it when there aren't 25 ppl waiting in line, so that it gets its proper time on the grill.

            2. I want the hours as well. Reached there sevenish on friday and nothing was to be found.

              1. I went here today and the lovely ladies served up a nice jerk roti. The sweet and tart mango offset the spiciness of the jerk and the crunchy salad added some texture. The mild sauce was spicy enough for me to enjoy the flavor and the heat. I was hoping for some sorrel or ginger beer, but alas, there was none, just some . The only improvement would be if the city lets them set up a drum grill right there.

                1. Anyone know the times that this cart is serving? I'm thinking of making a special trip out there because I haven't had good jerk roti in a long time!

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                    I was there today, and it was deeeeeeelish. Get the grilled pineapple; sweet and coated in cinamon, it goes perfectly with the roti.
                    They are on the south east corner of King and Bay starting at 10:30am (they didn't say until when), Mondays through Fridays.

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                      They seem to only be there (in front of Commerce Court, Bay St. side) during lunch hour (when there can be a long line). I went for a late lunch one day (after 2pm): there was no line, but they were almost out of food. The lady who runs it is very nice.

                      It seems I've seen this same cart at Harbourfront last summer. Had the grilled pineapple then--delish!

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                        I went there today and had the unlisted beef curry roti. But alas! they were out of grilled pineapple! Note to self: remember to ask if there's stuff not listed on the menu.

                        When I left, the line had grown pretty long. I guess the blackout made people hungry.

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                        Went by at 3:30 awhile ago and there was no cart in sight :( I guess I'll have to go at 10:30 to miss the line up.

                    2. Just had the jerk roti. Loved the roti skin. Loved the chicken. For me the mango salad in it was far too sweet and I twice asked for LOTS of pepper sauce and still it was only midly hot for my taste. Next time I will try the curry and ask for way more pepper sauce or bring my own!

                      I would love to see some sorrel there as well!

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                        Sounds better (and better for you) than a hot dog. I'll have to try it out. It's outside my office building.

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                          It is tasty and others may really enjoy the sweetness of the mango. It was just too sweet for my personal taste. That being said, I'm going back to try the chicken curry for sure!

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                            FYI: They sometimes have off menu specials too (like curry beef).

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                              Today it was goat! I gave up red meat last October for health reasons but trust me, if I was stilling eating it on the regular I would have been all over that!!

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                                Oh and just to be clear every once in a while (such as the great steak at Jacob and Co I had back in March) I still get my red meat fix so maybe someday I will try the goat if I'm really craving it.

                      2. Finally got mine today. Perfect perfect perfect lunch. I had mine hot, light on the mango salad. It was worth the 15 minute line-up. Everyone was so excited to get their food. The women working the cart are friendly...it's a fun way to do lunch!

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                          I got it last week - hot too. Was really spicy as I kept eating... and then ridiculously spicy for a while after I stopped eating!!

                          One question burning on my mind: Did they have grilled pineapple!? (They didn't when I went and said they were bringing it back).

                          I also thought the cart-lady was really nice.

                        2. Finally tried this today. I work in the building. Don't know what took me so long, because what a chowfind, especially in this area. Delicious fresh chicken, yummy fresh mango (I got the whole wheat pita, even though it's not authentic, to save on calories, but I'll try the roti skin one day). I asked for it hot and it was deliciously hot. The woman was really nice as others have noted. Especially because she kept calling me "young" lady and when she asked hot or mild and I said hot, she said of course, hot for the hot young lady. Seriously, great food and for $5, filling and cheap in the financial district.

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                            Is there any way to have this for someone who does not work in the area? I guess I will have to take a day off or something. I do not think she serves in the evenings or weekends :(

                            1. re: garfield

                              I don't think so, but there was a phone number on their sign. I can try to jot it down next time. Perhaps you could call and find out if they have their cart elsewhere sometimes or serve their food elsewhere.