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Apr 2, 2010 04:09 PM

Caribbean "a la cart" at Bay & King

Noticed a new Toronto "a la cart" setting-up shop on the southeast corner of Bay & King this week. Stopped by yesterday to check-out the menu. They're serving jerk ($5), jerk roti ($7), curry chicken roti ($7) and grilled pineapple ($2).

Had the jerk roti. It was fantastic -- above average roti skin, tender chicken and to my surprise, a whole whack of ripe mango.

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  1. mm... grilled pineapple! Will check this out!! I miss eating jerk chicken (Crystal Planet closed and I dunno where they went)...

    1. The women that run this cart are so sweet and man, do they know how to cook! I just had the curry chicken roti with hot sauce and gobbled it up! And I completely agree with you Jon B, the jerk roti is so delicious. What a nice change for lunch. I will be going to this cart at least once a week for my 'jerk' fix.

      1. Is this the same one listed here @ yonge and St Clair?
        Menu looks the same.

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        1. re: garfield

          Yes it is., I just googled. Sad I didn't know of it when it was closer to my place.

        2. Oh, awesome, thanks so much! There is a real need for Caribbean in the Financial District.

          1. i'm soo excited to try the grilled pinapple! has any tried it yet? waht are the hours of this place?
            i also noted a cart at NPS, at Queen and Bay, north west corner. they were selling Chicken or veg Biriyani, chicken Tikka roti and one more thing that i can't recall. there was quite a long line up! has anyone tried this cart yet?

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            1. re: chalenegirl

              Yes, the grilled pineapple is awesome...they sprinkle it with cinnamon and some other spices, then grill it and serve it on a skewer. Had it two days in a row! Just try to order it when there aren't 25 ppl waiting in line, so that it gets its proper time on the grill.