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Apr 2, 2010 03:27 PM

Best "outdoor Restaurant"?

What's your take on the place with best outdoor seating experience in/around Central Jersey? Now that the weather has started to look better, we're always on a lookout for a good restaurant (doesn't matter what they serve) with great outdoor experience.

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  1. Not really what you're looking for, but it's hard to top getting a lunch platter at Keyport Fishery and eating it on the dock.

    Keyport Fishery
    150 W Front St, Keyport, NJ

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      1. my vote is for blue point grill. on the weekends, they have a live jazz band playing outside, not to mention the food is to die for.

        1. If you like the Lambertville/New Hope area, Inn of the Hawke is nice for an outdoor lunch, assuming the wind is blowing downriver (sewage plant is south of the restaurant) and the Triumph Brewery has a nice patio and a great menu. (Mind you, I really am unimpressed with the Triumph Brewery in Princeton. The two have different chefs and different menus.)

          Inn of the Hawke
          74 S Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

          1. Haven't been this year yet, but last summer we really enjoyed the scene at The Boondocks on the water in Red Bank. Live music, good fried fish and beer, and a fun, but not too rowdy crowd. Certainly not gourmet by any means, but a great night out.