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Apr 2, 2010 03:02 PM

erotic dinner paris

10 couples visiting Paris .Eroticism is the subject of the trip. Looking to arrange a dinner related to the subject .Not an erotic dinner show.
Hope for some help. Thanks. Eitan

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  1. Try contacting Heather Stimmler-Hall at Secrets of Paris (http://www.secretsofparis.com/ or
    http://www.naughtyparisguide.com/) she probably has the most insight and she has published on the subject, I think she does tours and consults, and thus can advise on restaurants.

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      This may sound odd, but there's Dans Le Noir, a restaurant on the rue Quincampoix.

      It's run by non-sighted people, and the idea of the place is to let sighted people "see" what it's like to be blind. The restaurant is in complete darkness, you have to be lead to your table, and you can't see what you're eating. The glasses are made out of plastic to prevent accidents. I believe they even have a menu where you have to guess what's on your plate.

      The food's not brilliant, but the place is fun, and the fact that you can't see your dining partners means conversations can take different...twists.

      I fear it may be very expensive, and perhaps this would be taking the eroticism angle too literally,but I believe you can eat here: http://www.les-chandelles.com

      Bon appetit.

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        That looks like the nerdiest thing I've seen in a long time.

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          Dans le Noir is one place I've avoided like the plague for years; I have enough fears of spilling soup down my shirt when I can see what I'm eating.

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            I've heard many adjectives applied to Les Chandelles, but nerdy...?

      2. OK Eitan, I've been struggling with this question for hours.
        Now you say not an "erotic dinner show" so you would rule out The Crazy Horse - the most erotic T&A place I can divine from the New Year's Eve TV broadcasts (I'm not about to pay 500 E for it), but you want an erotic meal. Can you give us some guidance? Erotic as in organ meat, including genital animal parts (Ribouldingue), fat (poitrine de porc at any number of places), sumptuous setting (La Grande Cascade), many, many dishes (Gagnaire), or beautiful wait-people (Les Debats/Thioumieux). Thanks.

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          Or a place with orgasmic food? One with sensual wine pairings (Senderens)? One that is part of the erotic history of France (say the salons at Lapérouse)?

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            Thanks for the help.ill tray to explain the idea. Our trip topic is eroticism.we are guided by a sexual therapist ,so its more like an educational trip .We are not looking for the erotic shoes as i mentioned ,We are going to explore the topic through the senses.For example a perfume workshop where we combine erotic personal perfume .erotic art etc . The ambient of the dinner is not the issue but the erotic side of the food ,the texture, the taste, the ingredients and the look. as not being a chef just a dentist i myself not sure exactly what it means but I'm almost sure an imaginative chef will understand..Eitan

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              I am fascinated by this trip. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I think the courage to be open to something like this, even if the executions falls short, usually pays off.

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                Well then, I confirm that Senderens is the obvious response for me. You can check out my review: http://www.julotlespinceaux.com/2007/... and more pictures: http://picasaweb.google.fr/ZeJulot/Se...

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                  Soup and baar: I was actually thinking of a place where the chef is working nearby and you smell everything and have different taste treats; the new Spring will have 20 covers and an open kitchen but I'm not sure when baar comes; I'd also think the common table at Afaria is erotic but only seats 6 and sitting in the dining room is not half as fun; and then there's the guy cooking on the plancha in plain view at La Veraison, 64, rue de la Croix Nivert in the 15th,, closed Sundays and Mondays has menus with 2 courses at 22 or 3 at 26 (28 covers).

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                    thank you all for your great help. We are arriving at 22 April till 26 April. The Sendernes seems a good option.We thought about a dinner in choking school withe the chef explaining the dishes related to the trip subject .The offer we received was 500euro per couple and that was to much for the group

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                      That is way too much money to spend to learn to choke.

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                        "We thought about a dinner in choking school"
                        I'm sure we have a problem in orthographie or translation here or I've misunderstood the homework.
                        500 Euros a couple; for how many days?

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                            sorry, its indeed cooking school .500 euro for couple for one dinner with two chefs