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Apr 2, 2010 02:54 PM

40th Birthday Weekend in Philly

I am planning a 40th birthday weekend in Philadelphia for my best friend. We are major food people and love Italian. I need suggestions for dinner Friday, lunch on Saturday, the big birthday dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday. What do you think?

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  1. How many people are going to be at each of these meals? I can't tell whether it's just the two of you or a large group. There are enough great Italian places in the city that you can have fabulous Italian at all three meals (maybe breakfast too), but where to go is going to depend on the size of the group and your budget (which would also be helpful to know).

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      There will be at least three, possibly five of us all weekend. Budget is not really an issue.

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        if i still lived in Philly I'd be having dinner at Villa d Roma in S. Philly. I would order the chicken Sicillian and a side of escarole......sigh

    2. BYO's- Branzino, Melograno, Tre Scalini, La Viola, Giorgio on Pine(would do for lunch---long leisurely)
      Ristorante Panorama, Le Virtu, Osteria

      1. If money isn't a thing, I'd do Osteria for the big dinner. It's a good special occasion place.

        1. For the birthday dinner: La Famiglia - expensive and befitting a special occasion. To the other restaurants mentioned here, I'll add Salento and Radicchio, both BYO's. If you choose a BYO, call ahead to determine whether they take reservations.

          You might want to hit the Reading Terminal Market for a very casual lunch on Saturday.

          La Famiglia
          751 Route 37 W, Toms River, NJ 08755

          1. Unless you really want Italian all the time, I'd suggest a Jose Garces restaurant for Friday--either Amada (spanish) or Distrito (mexican), depending on the food you want. Some other great choices are Zahav, or one of our excellent BYOBs--Bibou, Kanella, Koo Zee Doo (check out the menus and see what appeals.

            For Saturday lunch, I'd head to Reading Terminal Market. For Saturday dinner, I second the Osteria reommendation. I was just there and it is at as high a level as ever. Really fantastic Italian food.

            Are you wanting a big brunch on Sunday? If so, I'd recommend LaCroix.