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Apr 2, 2010 02:44 PM

Wycen Chinese Sausage - thumbs up!

I used to buy sausage from Kwong Jow on Grant Avenue back in the day ...... what a great scene and the sausage was excellent. I was sad when they closed and never reopened after the building was remodelled. For a long time I've settled for the packaged varieties that one can find in Chinese grocery stores - passable and a bit less costly. But this weekend I was in Chinatown and stopped by Wycen to try some of their bulk sausage. I used it this morning in some noodle soup and was impressed by its flavor and tenderness. It's about $6.00 a pound but I think it's worth it. I wanted to try some from Guang Zhou King & King down by Portsmith Square but they weren't open. Anybody have an opinion about them? And there's a place on Commercial St. below Grant Avenue also right?

Wycen 903 Washington St. SF 94107 415. 788-3910

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  1. "And there's a place on Commercial St. below Grant Avenue also right?"

    I'm not sure if it's the one you're talking about, but there's a small street below Grant that contains a dusty hole-in-wall store. It's where my parents always get lop cheung and waxed duck, and everytime I'm there I pick up waxed duck wings for jook. Everything's out in the open in bins or hanging behind the counter, and the canned goods look like they haven't been touched in decades. I love this place. I love the smell of it when I walk in, and it's so old-school that I'm desperately afraid it will be forgotten and have to close down as more people move away from Chinatown.

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      I'm thinking that this is the place you're referring to ....... I'll check it out next time I'm in Chinatown. Sounds interesting!

      1. re: gordon wing

        Mow Lee is my place of choice when I get to Chinatown. "Waxed" duck grizzards and liver are sold by the pound. Great for soups and congee. I normally buy them by the quarter lb. Last of the in house Chinatown making them old school style.

        Please them a try next time. In IMHO they are the best available at this time in the Bay Area. I remember Kwong Jow on Grant Ave too. My Dad was a had a few friends making the waxed meats there and we purchased all our meat there. Then they retired and it all when away.

        But Wycen sells a cut up Chinese log chung and it saves time when I make a lot of Chinese dishes requiring cut up sausages. They a safe bet when that all is a available.

          1. re: yimster

            Mow Lee is also my source for preserved meats. Their duck liver lop cheung is very good if that's something you like. They also carry duck feet that are essential for dried bok choy soup.

            I've noticed that on weekends the sons of the couple who run the place are sometimes there and can help those who have questions beyond price but don't speak any Cantonese.

            1. re: PorkButt

              Yes, Mow Lee for duck liver lop cheung.
              Buy several pounds- half duck liver and half regular lop cheung for family back in Los Angeles when I visit San Francisco.

              1. re: monku

                Twenty years ago the best duck liver log chong was from Canton market on Boardway in LA Chinatown but the man who made it retured and I have miss it since then. But Mow Lee is the best in San Francisco has to offer.

          2. re: gordon wing

            Oh yes, that's it! I love that first Yelp review, because I do remember that feeling as a kid--waiting impatiently outside while my parents dithered in the store.

        1. Adding links:

          Wycen Foods
          903 Washington St, San Francisco, CA

          Mow Lee Shing Kee & Co
          774 Commercial St, San Francisco, CA 94108

          1. Any place to buy Mow Lee Shing Kee products in East Bay?

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            1. re: kc72

              I have never seen Mow Lee products anywhere expect for the little Mow Lee store in SF Chinatown. The next time I go up I will ask for you or you can call them directly. I am sure the number is listed.

              1. re: yimster

                Thanks.. A relative told me tonight that there's a place on 10th St. in Oakland that carries their products -- will check it out this week.

                1. re: kc72

                  WOW... I was researching the history of my store and i came upon this.... i am one of the sons of the owners of Mow Lee and i would like to say thank you all for your support. Please feel free to write a review on yelp because we do check yelp regularly for suggestions and customer opinion. (plus we love hearing good things about our store, its an ego booster)

                  To answer some of your questions, to my knowledge we do not supply any stores in the east bay, unless they come in as regular customers. There is a store in Sacramento and Portland, Oregon that sells our products. The only other places that purchase wholesale from us are restaurant all around the bay area (mainly around the peninsula and in San Francisco)

                  If you would like to purchase our products the only way to do so is to come into our store at 774 commercial st in San Francisco or to call and place an order, we do ship our product around the united states for customers, but you need to call in. Our phone number is (415) 982-5767. It is best if you speak Chinese, but there usually is someone that speaks English.

                  (oh and the products on the side ...... their more for personal usage :P .... some people buy them but we use them a lot more than we sell ..... unless your talking about the tea..... I'm pretty sure they were there 150 years ago when the store was first opened :P)

                  1. re: gl13

                    Our family has been buying from this store since before I was born. I remember my Mother write after I started to walk. The dry duck gizzards are a real treat in our slow cooked soups. In fact I out and will be there soon. I guess neither of us are spring chicken. Thanks for saving me from asking.

                    1. re: gl13

                      Oh, thanks for popping in! Your family store is truly a treasure. My family has been going for decades, even though we live in the East Bay.

                      1. re: PegS

                        no problem, and im glad to hear you that, we have been open since 1856 so im not surprised if your family has been coming for decades....

              2. I always get my sausages from Wycen.