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Apr 2, 2010 02:35 PM

There's a good new Guatamalan place in Souderton

It's where Mi Ranchito used to be- right near the movie theater. It tastes like good home cooking. It's now called El Aguacate. We went on a Tuesday, and they didn't have all the menu items, but we had a delicious huge bowl of beef soup/stew: good broth, bug hunks of beef attached to marrow bones, hunk of corn on cob, big piece of chayote, potatoes, cilantro (hmmm, I'll see if I can attach a photo). It came with several lime wedges, and tortillas that had just been made- wonderful. It was I think $10.00. There were a bunch of good-sounding chicken stews for $9.00, and some entrees in the teens.

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  1. Sounds yummy. I wonder if it is the same people running it that had Mi Ranchito. I liked that place but just didn't get up that way as often as I would have liked.

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      Central American peasant food - generous helpings, very authentic, very greasy. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Wife had tasty sauteed (ex-frozen) mystery fish smothered with onions, potato, and multiflavored yellow rice. Daughter had tasty shrimp with alfredo-like sauce on very flaccid spaghetti. I had delicious chowder-like coconut milk with potato, yucca, and a multitude of sea creatures - crab, mussel, clam, prawns - it could feed 3 or 4 easily. Authentically, the prawns and shrimp were shell-on, and some were not de-veined. Pupusas were delicious and very greasy. Personally I find more interesting spicing in the Latin food of the islands - PR, Cuba, DR... Check their website for the most repulsive food photos you will see (out-of-focus) on the web; but don't worry, the stuff is vastly more appealing on the plate.