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Apr 2, 2010 02:03 PM

Need sit-down lunch spot near Brooklyn Borough Hall/Brooklyn Heights

I need to find a nice place to have lunch near Brooklyn Borough Hall/Brooklyn Heights. The lunch will be mid-week (Wednesday) for a group of 4. The most important criteria are good food with at least decent portion sizes, but I'd also prefer that the spot not be a complete dive, as this is going to be a low-key celebratory event.

We are ok with any cuisine and are willing to pay up to $40 per person (including tax and tip). It would be nice if the place served some wine and beer, but it isn't an absolute must. Pubs or taverns with good food are just as fine as bistros, brasseries, trattorias, or cafes.

So far, one place I've come up with is Queen Restaurant on 84 Court Street:

What do you guys think of that place for this occasion?

Can you recommend any other spots, just so I have options? Thanks.

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  1. Queen is a good choice. Not a lot of choices for relatively upscale sit down lunch in the area. Some of the better places in Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill are closed at lunch. The decor of Queen is a downside for many.

    Other choices that I believe are open for lunch are within 10 minute walk of Borough Hall would be Hibino, Bocca Lupo and Bar Tabac.

    333 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Bocca Lupo
    391 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Bar Tabac
    128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. I think Queen would be perfect. It's very close, the food is topnotch and not run-of-the mill Italian, they have a full bar, and they feature very interesting and unusual Italian wines. The decor is blah but the room is comfortable and the service unobtrusive. It's quite quiet at lunch (except for the occasional Bklyn politico blowing his or her own horn, which is rather amusing).

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        You should not get the wrong idea about the decor. It is not divey at all; it's just sort of kitchy and doesn't match their food or their price point which is at the upper end of your range. Actually it used to be a lot worse. See picture on their home page .

        1. re: bobjbkln

          You're right, it's just on the bland side. Perfectly decent, white tablecloths and well-spaced tables, attractive, just dull. The exact opposite of the food which is terrific. I am always very happy to eat there.