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Apr 2, 2010 01:26 PM

Westcheser and the best for certain ethnic foods -- where do you go?

We love certain ethnic foods beyond the basics -- where do we go any where in Westchester County for fantastic Tai or Vietnam or Brazil/Chile food menu items lunch or dinner. We are in Irvington but would go local towns or travel any place in Westchester or close by Fairfield CT when we do not want to do the Manhattan restaurants where you can get wow anything at any time. Thanks.

Westchester Restaurant
628 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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  1. Solid Thai food in Sleepy Hollow at Tyrynda Thai (on Cortland Street). Been there 4-5 times and enjoyed each visit. I don't know that it's fantastic (that requires a trip to Queens IMHO), but many steps above the hideous Chinese food available up this way.

    1. For Brazilian food, Chalana's in Mt. Vernon usually is very good. Usually, not always.

      Though, if you venture into Rockland one day, the one and only Vietnamese place (I know of) outside NYC is The Vietnam Restaurant in Spring Valley. Cozy little place and authentic (I should know, I'm vietnamese).

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        What kinda food does Chalana's specialize in? Is it all barbecued meats, or do they have things like Feijoada?

        1. re: jcmods

          I have never been there but I think they have a buffet by the pound so you can just go in and look.

        2. re: broosewee

          Stopped by Chalanas recently and finally got a look at their buffet. The food actually looked really good. Unfortunately we had eaten so we just stopped off for a beer and a plate of those Manioc French fries. We found out that they do Fejoada (sp?) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am definitely going to check that out some day. The place was really hopping on a weekday afternoon. On weekends they set up chairs for crowds to watch "futbol."

          1. re: jcmods

            We went a couple of times last year and the barbequed meat is very good. I also liked the potato salad. I thought the beans were okay nothing great and the greens were salty.

            1. re: rolise

              took my son again this weekend. the sausage was delicious, sirloin good as always. not a big fan of the bacon wrapped chicken breast. I did like the raw collard green salad and green beans.