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Apr 2, 2010 01:17 PM

Drinks in Center City or Univ. City on a Saturday night for a large party

I'm having a birthday dinner at Distrito on a Saturday night and want to have drinks afterward with a large group (not sure of exact number, somewhere between 10 to 20, probably). I usually go out in Center City so don't know a lot of University City bars, but am open to suggestions in either CC or UC. Looking for something fairly reasonable, that can accommodate a large group comfortably (definitely want seats), and somewhat stylish (but this is my lowest priority). Our dinner reservation is early and we'll be done by 8 PM. I am open to a really wide variety of places (bars I like in Center City to give an idea: Raven's Lounge, Pub & Kitchen, XIX, Dirty Frank's)...

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  1. Those CC bars cover a pretty wide spectrum of style. With a group that size I'd probably just go to Continental Midtown because you'll probably be able to get a table (though maybe a few smaller tables near each other). If it is a beer drinking group that is not necessarily the best place, but I don't know a beer bar where you'll be able to get a table that size easily. Maybe South Philly Tap Room or The Abbaye but those are not in CC. In UC you could try MidAtlantic; it probably won't be full at 8pm so they could possibly seat your group if they do drinks-only in the dining room.

    1. Yes, I too was going to sugest Midatlantic, I have not been there but have driven by and it looks large and airy. It's at like 35th and Market. People also like the Marbar, which is a Marathon Grill. Bar at Distrito is fun too.

      1. don't bother with midatlantic, it is not the place to go for drinks with a crew. blockley pourhouse isn't my thing, but based on your likes you might like it? am not sure what your age is from those bars you listed though, but i am sure blockley primarily caters to an early 20s crowd. local 44 is walking distance from distrito.

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          Was going to suggest Local 44 but they only let you sit if you get food or maybe if they are empty and you are really charming. But they will not be dead on a Saturday night, so you'd be standing and taking up most of the bar area with your group.

          Never been in Blockley but I know there is usually music and a cover and limited seating.

        2. I haven't been in there yet, but maybe Drinkers West?