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Apr 2, 2010 11:15 AM

New French bakery in Wellfleet?

I have not been yet but I am very curious-is this a good addition to our Wellfleet scene?

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    1. It's at 15 Lecount Holllow Road, right across the street from the South Wellfleet General Store, etc.... used to be a clam shack a while ago. This place is incredible and a welcome addition to Wellfleet. Their bistro will be opening the end of this month.

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      1. re: JeffB1

        Name? Is it down in that "gully" where Sick Day Surf Shop is?

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          I went there today- it is called P&B bakery and it is AMAZING- real macarons that taste like Paris. My daugher, who spent a year there, had such a nostalgia attack that I could not get her away from this place. We tasted the pastries and croissants- all good. What a delightful thing that they chose Wellfleet!

          1. re: galka

            We saw over the weekend that this place was hopping. I am very excited to try it out!

      2. Well, maybe now it is hopping too much. The guests who were staying with us went there at 7am on Sunday morning and the line was for 30 min- out the door! But their almond croissant is do die for! Every single pastry I tried from there was amazing. These guys know what they are doing. The restaurant is not open yet.

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          1. re: magiesmom

            I just placed an order for Mom and will pick it up tomorrow. Here is our order:
            Farmer's Loaf
            Rustic Load
            Fromage (2)

            That's our first order..will report back tomorrow on how it was..

            I am grateful I am not on the Cape year round and more grateful it is way up in Welfleet..otherwise I would need a new set of clothing I fear...

          2. re: galka

            Rats - do you know what time they open?

            1. re: Berheenia

              i just reviewed it today on this board. They open 7 AM and are closed Monday. My tip is go on a rainy day mid week..

          3. I bought a half loaf of bread last Tuesday, that I think was called Farmer's and it was fabulous. The baker said that it had whole wheat flour, rye flour, and maybe some other flours. It was the best bread I have had in years. There was a short line at about 4:30 pm.