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Apr 2, 2010 10:56 AM

Pintxo Question

I see a lot of great comments about Pintxo. While my husband is a beef eater, I am not. I'll eat fowl, fish, but no red meat. Would Pintxo have many options for me to choose from? Thanks

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  1. why don't you check the menu, I believe it will answer your question better than any of us could.


    1. I saw a lot of people order the black cod main, waitress said it was a specialty and delicious. If you get their tasting menu(which includes the main), the 4 pintxos they give you are: salmon tartar, grilled veggie stack, some soup and torchon of foie gras. I'm sure they'll replace the torchon with with another pintxo as it's one of the most expensive dishes.

      1. PINTXO IS AMAZING! They have plenty of fish options, this is my favorite restaurant in all of montreal!