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Apr 2, 2010 10:43 AM

Favorite things you've eaten at LA casinos?

Commerce, Hustler, Hollywood Park, Bicycle, Hawaiian Gardens..

anything from any of these places been really great?

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  1. At Hustler, you can't go wrong. Here's what I had the last few times:

    1) Halibut with mixed vegetables and rice pilaf. The 10 oz fish was broiled perfectly and the veggies crunchy and not overseasoned. The rice pilaf was good, but nothing special.

    2) Salmon and shrimp linguini. This is a nice piece of salmon, underneath sauteed shrimp, and resting on a bed of linguini. The sauce is a balsmic pan sauce with garlic and chopped tomatoes. Reallly, really good.

    3) Beef and chicken kabab. Hustler used to be weak in the persian food department due to customer pressure they came out with a great kabob plate. You get four kabobs, one is fliet mignon, one is chicken breast, one is small tomatoes, and one is onions. I really like that they are separate. These come with buttery basmati rice, and a small dish of yogurt topped wtih nuts and other seasonings. They add a couple of pita triangles too. No hummus, tzaziki or berry powder with this dish, but it is still very good.

    At the Bicycle, you HAVE to order the Cold Fish Plate - Four kinds of Jewish smoked fish (BBQ Cod, whitefish, salmon, etc), cream cheese, bagels, olives, veggies, etc.). It's my favorite.

    1. Our personal experience with the Hustler Casino in Gardena was not too favorable. It's been a while and we've never been back. It's a nice place but the service was lousy and the food sub par. Don't know if the Normandie Club still has their prime rib dinner specials with a coupon but that was a pretty good deal. Nice friendly waiters. If you're into good prime rib, go one block south of the Hustler on weekends only and try Cherrystone Grotto. The whole prime rib dinner is $11.95 complete.

      1. I'm chuckling because this post reminded me of the old (20-25 years ago) radio ad for the Normandie Club. "The Normandie Club where the service of fine food and beverages is an art form." Which was true if having your food served to you on a tv tray next to a gaming table was an art form. I remember a tasty hot turkey sandwich with gravy, but that was 20 years ago.

        1. Since my first post, I have eated at the Bicycle Club again while playing cards.

          Yes, you eat at the table while you are playing so take that into consideration. It won't affect the quality of the food, though, and I was once again very impressed.

          I ordered the Mariner's Seafood Salad and an appetizer of two rolls of Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls).

          The seafood salad was mounds of real lump crab meat, bay shrimp, tomatoes, olives sliced egg, on top of shredded lettuce and surrounded by sliced cucumber. I chose French dressing. The salad was delicious and fresh-tasting.

          The Goi Cuon was pretty good too. Comes with the sauces you would expect as well as a dish of chopped peanuts. The size is much bigger than you get in Bolsa restaurants, but not as tightly wrapped. The shrimp, noodles, garlic chives and pork inside were all tasty. It wasn't the best I've ever had, but still good.

          The Bike is also known for Ciapinno on Fridays, and a terrific Thai BBQ chicken at any time.

          I don't know if you can eat there without playing cards. It seems like they took out the restaurant that was there and replaced it with a deli.

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            thanks..I recently discovered the Bike and the fact that you get FREE food while playing poker!

          2. I like the pad thai at the Commerce.