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What to do with DRIED shiitake mushrooms?

Hi there,

topic says it all: what recipe can you recommend that includes shiitake mushrooms (dried, not fresh). Never tried one before ...


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  1. Rehydrate them. Then you can use just like fresh ones.

    1. Reconstitute them in warm water. Chop them up and use them as you would fresh mushrooms. I keep dried mushrooms as a staple.

      Whatever you do, strain but SAVE the liquid you reconstitute them in. It's full of that wonderful flavor and excellent for gravies and soups.

      Here's a recipe you might want to consider: Baked Polenta and Wild Mushroom Ragu -- http://www.latimes.com/features/food/...

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        Drying the shitakes concentrates the flavour and gives you more umani, so it actually does make sense to dry them and then rehydrate them and use them the way you would fresh.

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          Definably save and use the re hydrating liquid!!!! Shitakes contain cholesterol lowering Powers.

        2. I'm making Momofuku's Ramen broth with them as a flavoring element this weekend. I also process them into powder and use as a secret savory flavor in beefy stews and sauces.

          Or, reconstitute and use in any stir fry. Also, use as one of the mushrooms in a risotto- and reserve the soaking liquid for extra flavor.

          1. Before you reconstitute the dried shitakes, make sure you break off the stems. The stem of the shitake is not edible as it is very tough. Once reconstuted, the can be used in countless recipes however do not expect them to be the same as fresh. No variety of dried mushroom will be the same as a fresh one after it is reconstituted. I like to use dried mushrooms as an addition to homemade mushroom soup. The dried mushrooms have a concentrated flavor you cannot get from fresh mushrooms.

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              I use the stems all the time. They are a bit tough, but sliced very thin they are perfectly palatable to me.

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                I use the stems too. I find that, still dried, they are easy to smash up into small pieces that are very useable. In fact, it's my personal preference to break all the pieces up dried and not have to deal with the wet mushroom pieces other than to drain them and put them in whatever.

                However, I agree that the stems of fresh shitakes are usually too tough to bother with.

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                  I find it easier to break the stems off and not use them than to sort through the rehydrated mushrooms looking for the stems to slice very thin.

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                  Oooohhhhh thanks for posting this. I'm sitting here eating some sauted mushrooms and wondering why the Shitake are sow chewy. I thought there might be a special way to cook them. Just the stems. Seem like such a waste given the price. I think next time I will pop them off and put them in a freezer bag to add to soup stock.

                3. Shiitakes are really healthy for you...they are great in stocks/broths. I recently bought a package of them to make a Korean dish and the stock was made from dried shiitakes, garlic, onion and dried kelp. Here's an article about shiitakes and other exotic mushrooms:

                  1. Here's a pasta recipe I've been meaning to try that calls for dried black mushrooms along with fresh mushrooms.

                    I think it would be good with any dried mushrooms.

                    1. I add them to miso soup (other soups as well) and mixed rice. The water you rehydrate them in also makes an easy, quick vegan dashi.

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                        Good one!!! I've done this also...mushrooms add a meatyness to many vegetarian dishes...flavors really do go well with miso soup!

                      2. Dried shiitakes are a key ingredient in my mom's spring rolls. They add a wonderful flavor to the pork and veggie filling.

                        1. I bought a ginormous bag a while ago at Costco. The primary thing I use them for is Beef Mushroom Barley soup. If you are interested in recipe, let me know. Just made a big pot and froze in individual containers to take for work lunches.

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                            beef and shrooms = <3

                            so many useful tips, thanks to all of you.

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                              I would love the recipe if your still offering?
                              Thanks Diane in Bexley!

                            2. I found an easy way to soften dried shitakes. After breaking off the stems, I cover them with water and microwave them for about 5 minutes, until the water boils. I l cover them and let them sit at least an hour (or longer there doesn't appear to be a time limit on this) then slice and use. As said by many in this link, keep the broth. For me the stems are too tough, so I discard them. I think you could add them to the other whole mushrooms, and them remove them...their flavor would add to the "juice".

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                                I don't think this is easier than just soaking them for an hour. They will soften fine without the microwaving.

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                                  You're probably right...but it works for me because I'm a spur of the minute cook and this is a fast way to use them.

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                                    but you are letting them sit an hour anyway. That's all they need, half hour in a pinch.

                              2. I buzz the dried version in a whirly gig coffee grinder or in the food processor on pulse until completely ground and use the powder in all sorts of recipes. I don't revive dried in water, I'd rather use the dried, dry and the fresh, fresh.

                                1. In my oxtail soup! Toss them in whole stem and all. Cooking in broth all day with oxtail makes even the stems tender and adds wonderful flavor for the broth. Then I slice them up and serve them with the soup.

                                  I also use them in Chinese chicken herbal soup. Again very long and low cooking time.

                                  I like fresh ones when I stir fry, but I have used the reconstituted ones before.

                                  1. I regularly use dried shiitake in Stroganoff, together with dried porcini mushrooms.

                                    Reconstitute, squeeze out the liquid, mince, saute.

                                    Use the reserved liquids for de-glazing the pan (or save for another use - just don't throw it away!).

                                    1. Try them in a home made mushroom soup but ONLY a few of them. Use mostly regular button mushrooms. The problem with reconstituted shitakies is the flavor is so intense it can ruin a dish. A little goes a long way.