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Apr 2, 2010 09:30 AM

Salsa Verde Question

I have been researching numerous salsa verde recipes, and I'm trying to figure out which is the best method of preparing the tomatillos. Most recipes I looked at call for boiling the tomatillos, others call for charring them under a broiler or on the stovetop. A few blend everything raw and then heat in a pan. What is your preferred method and why? Thanks!

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  1. I've never boiled and am not sure why you would. I usually brown under the broiler, but not always. As with anything else, browning creates additional flavor on the surface and concentrates flavor throughout by evaporating water. That said, if you love tomatillos there is much to be said for a raw salsa verde (in which case I, for one, do not heat afterward). If you do brown the tomatillos in the broiler, it is nice to brown your serranos and garlic in a small pan at the same time.

    It's all so easy that I guess I recommend halving your ingredients and trying it both ways; it will be delicious regardless. Also, if you're making this in a blender or food processor, toss in some avocado once in awhile for a nice change of pace. Adds a wonderful creaminess to dishes that need it.

    1. I char them in a dry cast iron pan along with the whole onions I also char.

      1. Char in the oven, usually along with onions and garlic, then into the blender along with a chipotle or two, some salt and a pinch of suger.

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          exactly how I do it - charred then tossed in the blender. easy, and delicious!

        2. Boiling is mostly for making a thin salsa that you would put chunks of pork into. Or a nice mexican hard cheese, fried. Charring them is for making a chunky salsa. You would char the tomatillos and chiles and then grind up some cumin, onion and garlic and then add the chiles and tomatillos...I've only ever used all the ingredients raw when making a salsa for pozole (pork and hominy white broth soup). You blend all the stuff raw and then add it to taste in each bowl of soup...

          1. I take the tomatillos, removed the husk,and clean them. I put them in a 9x9 glass pan with an onion quartered and 2 serrano peppers. Pour some olive oil and season with salt and pepper and put them in the toaster oven at 400° for about 45-50 minutes. Then into the food processor and puree.