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Apr 2, 2010 08:42 AM

Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet, Halethorpe, MD

I noticed this Buffet advertised in the Baltimore Sun. Has anyone been there yet to try it out?

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  1. Do you mean "Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet" on Washington Blvd? I have not been but have tryed the one in Parkville. Large and busy but no dish that stood out enough to make me want to return.

    1. I, too, am curious as to this newly opened restaurant. One other question for responding Chowhounders', do they serve wine and/or liquor?

      1. Our family ate there last night, and it was okay, not great. The place was packed, with a 10-15 minute wait for tables. Service was good, table clearing was fast, drink refills were frequent. More American food than most (pizza, onion rings, even ham sliced off the bone). Big peel 'n eat shrimp. Hibachi grill, which was similar to a Mongolian grill (chicken was tender, beef was a little tough). Downside: no sauces for patrons; you tell the chef how spicy you want it. Sushi was the typical "all you can eat" quality, decent selection, fresh. Soups were decent, entree type foods were hit and miss. Dessert selection was more extensive than most, with 6-8 tubs of "scoop your own" ice cream, which was better than the usual 1-2 flavors of soft serve Chinese buffets generally have, Price was $8.99 for adults for dinner, which was reasonable. (Plus beverage, of course.) Larger selection than most. This is fairly close to our house, so I was hoping it was the Asian buffet of my dreams. Sadly, it was not.

        1. They put up a sign outside this week and it is indeed called Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet now. (Original banner said habachi grill) I have been there 4 times now with family/clients and have yet to be disappointed. First couple of times I did the carve your own meats and the usual chineese affair with some peel and eat shrimp and it was tasty. The next time I went I headed to the grill in the back and selected from the rice, noodles, veggies, and slices of beef, chicken, and peeled shrimp. I handed the the cook the plate and he grilled and spiced my food to perfection! (They make it as spicy as you like). They have a decent salad bar and dessert bar also with dip your own icecream flavors. Dinner for 2 with drinks and tax comes to $22.01. the place is very clean and the service was excellent.
          All 4 times I have gone, including opening night, we were seated immediatly and there were plenty of available seating.

          1. We went last Friday evening, before 6 PM and there was no wait. Service was friendly and fast. As posted by another, this isn't an asian style buffet with dumplings, shu mai etc. You'll find various battered/fried/sauced items with veggies, greasy spring rolls, baked chicken (boneless thighs and quite good), a deli ham and a beef roast to slice and many fried options. There were at least 4 shrimp-based choices along with the steam shrimp. The water, honeydew and cantalope melons were all ripe and sweet. Didn't try the grill as the salad selection and chicken was enough. I did not notice or ask if beer and wine were available.

            We live in the area and while this wouldn't be our "go to" spot, we'd go again and think it'll be popular for families due to price and variety. $8.99 plus $1.39 for a soft drink plus tip and it's a pretty cheap outing, plus you can eat healthy if desired.

            Where else can you impress your spouse by building an edible version of the Great Wall of China out of jello squares?