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Apr 2, 2010 07:26 AM

Removing tail, bones from canned, salt-packed anchovies?

I just got a huge can of salt-packed anchovies from Ingredients Gourmet Boutique, and need advice. They still have everything attached except the head: the tail attached, as well as the backbone and the intestinal tract. What's the best, easiest way to clean them? Also, any advice on storing these babies? It's 2 lb can!

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  1. Fiddly but not difficult. Lay flat on the side, very carefully with a shart tipped knife lift off the top half of the fish to expose the backbone and bottom half. The backbone should then lift off easily leaving the bottom 'fillet'. Cut away the tail and any of the intestines you find distasteful. For storage put in a container in the fridge, they shoud be good for quite some while.

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      Fry the bones in olive oil til crispy...yummy