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Apr 2, 2010 05:38 AM

HELP HELP- can this lamb be rescued?

left meat on the counter overnite, but when i realized this morning, the meat was still frozen solid. Is it safe. it had been triple wrapped.
why so many variations on amount of time per pound to roast lamb shoulder. have seen between 20- 35/ lb minutes for medium. i'm confused

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  1. if it was still frozen, I would say your good!

    as far as roasting, make sure you have the same cut they are talking about in the recipe and bone in vs boneless will make the difference too. I meat thermometer is your friend.

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      I agree that it is safe to cook. I had great success with the Cook's Illustrated low-heat mthod for roast beef (eye round) and will use it the next time I make roast lamb, because it cooks so evenly throughout.

    2. Use a meat thermometer. Minutes per lb is useless.

      1. If it was still frozen, then obviously it is still safe (although you'll need to let it defrost before cooking).

        I usually like to use a thermometer for cooking a joint. However, Mrs H prefers to work to time/weight saying that she finds it easier to judge when it will be ready and can better time the accompaniements and other courses. I think she may well be right.

        For info, I work to a temperature of 60.

        Mrs H heats the oven to its maximum 230 and gives the joint 30 minutes. heat then comes down to 160 and it cooks at 15 minutes per 500g. Perfect medium lamb