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Apr 2, 2010 04:46 AM

Need help making a cherry reduction for lamb

Want to make a cherry reduction for lamb I am making this weekend.
I have amarene cherries in syrup (not sure if I can use them); would like to use some red wine too.

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  1. You can use them in a reduction; I'd use red wine, a little balsamic vinegar and maybe a bit of brown sugar since the cherries are sour (my preference)

    1. I always find cherries in syrup to be very sweet, even if they are sour cherries, so personally I'd skip the sugar and try not to use much of the syrup. I'd have a little lemon juice on hand at the end to correct the sweetness if necessary, and I think a fresh herb might be good in it, too. But one person's sweet is another person's sour, so YMMV. But either way it will be good!

      1. I often make a similar reduction - I usually serve it with beef but it would be good with lamb as well. It uses dried cherries, port wine, and balasmic vinegar. So, you might want to have some balasamic on hand - especially if your reducation is coming out too sweet (per previous comment about cherries in syrup and sugar). I usually add fresh thyme as well if I've got some around.

        1. Can someone explain to me what to do please? Everything in a pot and reduce?

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            A cherry reduction with lamb is an unusual choice, but it could be good. I recommend that you also incorporate some traditional flavors, like acid, herbs, and butter.

            How are you cooking the lamb? Will you have fond? If so, deglaze that with your liquids. I'd use roughly equal parts wine, REDUCED homemade stock, and amarone cherry syrup. Perhaps a cup of each. (maybe a little less than 1 part syrup and a little more than 1 part stock). Reduce that down to 1/3 of its original volume. Taste. Consider adding an acid (lemon juice, balsamic, etc) if it is too sweet. Consider adding herbs (thyme, rosemary, tarragon, etc). If it doesn't have much body, reduce it further or add butter to thicken.

            Hope that helps.

            1. re: jeremyn

              Will be roasting a leg of lamb and some rib chops (not frenched, with the whole length of rib left on) Italian style. Rosemay, EVOO, etc.
              Will have some fond and reduction. Have balsamic on hand.
              Have fresh rosemary too.
              Going to give it a try...what's the worst that could happen? We'd eat the lamb without the cherry accompaniment.

              1. re: itryalot

                I like your attitude! Give it a whirl. If it were me I'd start with less of the cherry syrup, which I imagine will be very sweet. You could mince some of the actual cherries and throw them in if you don't mind texture, and I'd probably also sautee some shallots or onions to go in there. I'd be careful with balsamic, it is really also quite sweet, and if you want to balance sweetness I think lemon juice or even cider vinegar will work better. Maybe even a bit of mustard might be nice in there. But I'm a big fan of taste as you go and doctor. Let us know how it comes out!