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Apr 2, 2010 02:55 AM

Where to buy fresh fish in Andover?

New to the I going to have to drive to the coast to find a good piece of fresh fish?

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  1. I thought there was a great fish market just off the main drag in downtown. I want to say Bernard St. - something like that (it's one way and loops back around to the main drag).

    found it:

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      Thanks! They also apparently have a pretty good, casual seafood cafe.

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        we just ate around the corner at the new Yella - meditterainian place. very good. If you love dining and diversity - you'll love getting into Lowell.

    2. Hometown Seafoods is on Chestnut Street - just around the back from their original location which used to be on Barnard St. It's the same building as the Verizon Wireless store and a few clothing places, and across from the CVS parking lot.

      I've not been disappointed there in the 15 years I've been going. The seasoned crumbs are good (if you are out of bread crumbs which is how I found out their crumbs are really good - expensive but still if you only want to make one stop), and their lobster dip is terrific.

      For other fish stores in the area, there's the place next to Butcher Boy in North Andover and there's the Lobster ? Pot? Pound? in North Reading right on Rt 28 and Rt 62.

      Hometown Seafoods
      28 Chestnut St, Andover, MA 01810

      1. I've been happy with what I've bought at Whole Foods in Andover. I can't say that I've ben impressed by the fish market next to Butcher Boy

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        1. i've been happy with The Lobster Tail in the Butcher Boy plaza in No. Andover. just watch the tags on the shellfish as i've had several occasions where they could not produce the proper tags for their clams and oysters.

          1. If you don't mind driving to Reading, (not to far away), there is a great eat-in, take-out, fish market called Twin Seafood. 589 Main St. My husband and I have never been disappointed!