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Apr 2, 2010 02:55 AM

Outdoors with a view for wedding reception 20/25 ppl

Hi all. I am looking for an outdoor space for a wedding reception for approximately 20-25 people with beer/wine/bubbly bar and passed appetizers.

Our venue fell through (don't get me started on this sore subject!!) so we are back to searching for a nice outdoor space. We are all coming from overseas so would love somewhere with a cool view - it will be August so warm enough to be outdoors enjoying the Manhattan evening. We have a caterer on standby so will consider both venues that can provide food and those that require catering.

Our total budget (excl. service and tax) is $3k so about $120pp.

Please help!!

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  1. Look into Terrace in the Sky up at Columbia U. (terraceinthesky.com). Click on "Events" and see if it fits your bill. Great views, of course, and shelter in case of rain. You might look into the New Leaf Restaurant up in Ft. Tyron Park; again spectacular setting, but little cover in case of rain. (http://www.nyrp.org/About/New_Leaf_Re...


    New Leaf Restaurant & Bar
    1 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040

    Terrace in the Sky
    400 West 119th Street, New York, NY 10027

    1. I'm sure you realize that it does rain here in August. That can very quickly put a total damper (pun intended) on an event taking place outdoors with no indoor alternative. With that in mind....

      You might want to investigate Astra, an event space on the 14th floor of the D& D Bldg., on 3rd Av. & 58th St. There is a view as well as an outdoor terrace. The food is provided by Chef Charlie Palmer. Acc. to the website, they do cocktail receptions along the lines of what you have in mind.

      I have not attended an event there. However, during the day, the space is a cafe open to the public, and I have eaten there several times.

      Best wishes to you and your fiancée.


      1. Thank you both for your suggestions.
        I love the setting at Terrace in the Sky but I just don't find their food very inspiring and New Leaf is a little too far out of the way. Astra looks very cool but I am picturing something a bit more private and intimate - something like a rooftop terrace. We don't require fancy but as we are all coming from overseas a view of the amazing Manhattan buildings all lit up (either from within the city or looking from across the river) would be ideal. I might be posting in the wrong place as I think perhaps I am after the venue where we can bring in caterers rather than a restaurant with a view but please keep the suggestions coming.

        New Leaf Restaurant & Bar
        1 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040

        Terrace in the Sky
        400 West 119th Street, New York, NY 10027

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          The River Cafe, in Brooklyn, has a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. But no rooftop terrace.


        2. Hi Folks, Sorry to interrupt, but just a reminder that Chowhound is all about the food. Replies that are only about the setting (the view, etc.) are considered off topic. Thanks.