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Apr 1, 2010 09:40 PM

"WIcked Chili" taking over former Kashmir space on 17th Ave SW (Calgary)

Menu looks very promising- love the hakka stuff, layered paratha, fish vindaloo.... also, dinner buffet Mon-Thurs; various specialties on each day's buffet; decent prices for Calgary eg $12.95 lunch buffet weekdays. And a nice space that deserves a decent resto, 507 17th Ave SW.

Their first location is in the far NW- any burb dwellers able to tell us urban types what we can expect?

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  1. replying to my own post- this menu is almost exactly the same as green chili ( right down to balti "popular in great britain and central europe" and "hakka chinese cuisine of calcutta." Buffet prices are not the same and GC definitely has no dinner buffet but there are lots of similarities.

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      You'd think they could have switched some of the wording around at least? Looking forward to checking it out, regardless of the menu plagiarism.

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        Same here- love the daily buffet specials, wish all buffets did this (eg it would be great to know what days they have basil chicken at Ruan Thai). I had lunch at GC the other day- I still aver that they have the best aloo gobi, and potato dishes in general, of any Indian resto in Calgary- and he confirms that there is no connection between the two.

        Ruan Thai Restaurant
        1324 11 Ave SW #101, Calgary, AB T3C 0M6, CA

        1. re: greenboy

          The owner of Wicked Chili is a former partner of Green Chili.
          I've been to both places and don't find the food all that good. Hopefully their chef at the new place is good.

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        3. Cash only (for now), good of them to post it prominently at the door. Had to dig to make sure we could have chow without embarrassing, but we were OK so went in. No liquor license yet, so cash in pockets was more than adequate. No dinner buffet either (yet) but the food was pretty good (not as good as Taj but for those who like less butter probably better). The saffron rice was decent, skimpier on the saffron that what I'm used to at Taj but way better than some others. Service was very friendly, but typical south asian (why take away my side plate and knife when I'm obviously still eating - I could start another thread about different ideas of what constitutes good service in different cultures).

          Pretty good, very cheap, I'll try it again in a month or so. Hopefully they'll have a liquor licence then, it's hard to eat spicy food without cold brew to take the edge off.

          wicked chili
          507- 17 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB , CA

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            I never drink booze so no problem there- but when I stopped in on Monday for lunch, there was nobody inside aside despite door open and sandwich board outside, and no food (buffet stations covered with sheets) either. I guess I'll try again when I get home from travels i mid-May.