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Apr 1, 2010 08:42 PM

why do so many vietnamese restaurants have numbers in their names?

pho 75 -- pho 38 -- pho 95 -- pho 9n9 -- pho so 1:

why are so many pho places named with numbers?

some of these are clearly named after the road they're on.
but pho 75? there's a gajillion apparently unrelated pho 75s.

does anyone know why this is?

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        1. re: bitsubeats

          As bitsubeats' links indicate, it's all about Asian cultures and their numbers, luck, superstition, and gambling. Numerology is huge, particularly among Chinese and Vietnamese (but not to exclude others like the Burmese). Heck, we couldn't get married without my Malaysian Chinese mother-in-law first consulting a numerologist back in 1996 on what date would be the most fortuitous - July 7th, or 07/07. Well, I'm still waiting for good luck to shower me with billions of ringgit, Ben Franklins, Euros, whatever, but most importantly, I have the best wife in the world - priceless. Still rolling sevens in that category!

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Yep, when I married my Chinese wife, it was the same thing - August 8, 1988 (that's 8/8/88; the Chinese love that number). But for restaurant names, they want a rich sounding name, which they think will help bring prosperity - that's why there are so many "golden", "silver", "king", "queen", "emerald", "jade" or "pearl" adjectives. I'm still waiting to see the "Emerald Palace of the Golden King and Silver Queen", but I don't expect it to be long.

            1. re: FrankD

              >>Emerald Palace of the Golden King and Silver Queen", but I don't expect it to be long...<<


        2. Yea, the names aren't very creative. There are just too many Pho restaurants.

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          1. re: michaelnrdx

            Well, it could be worse, we could have too few pho restaurants.

              1. re: EWSflash

                Here in Northern Indiana, we DO have too few!

            1. I wonder if some of the numbers chosen have interesting homonymns in Vietnamese, or perhaps some interesting meanings.

              1. The PHO Restaurant near my house is named PHO SO 1 becasue the
                owner wants to open another called PHO SO 2 and PHO SO on....

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                1. re: flylice2x

                  Imagine if the Greeks did this. You could end up dining at a restaurant called Phyllo So 4. Food for thought... ;-)