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Apr 1, 2010 07:24 PM

Best pizza for takeout?

What is the best pizza for takeout? I used to love Figs, but when I did takeout, the pizza was too cold and the sauce had dried out.

Any suggestions for best Pizza for takeout? Perhaps Upper Crust or Picco?

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  1. The Upper Crust in Lexington is awful for takeout. I do like it for eat-in, but for some reason every takeout order I've had from there has been overcooked, just plain wrong, or both.

    I find that Greek-style pizza holds up best for takeout. Maybe because the crust is thicker and it's not as reliant on staying crisp as Italian thin-crust.

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    1. re: Eatin in Woostah

      Oh, c'mon, UC pizza is just fine for takeout.....if you have the jaws of a hyena. ;-)

    2. I've recently gotten addicted to Beauty's Pizza in Cambridge. Definitely the best I've had since I moved from the North End a few years ago and couldn't access Regina's easily.

      1. Regina's in Medford is my favorite for takeout. The crust really stands up well. I live about 20 minutes away with dinner-time traffic, so I have someone at home heat the pizza stone for 10 minutes or so and slide the pizza on for a couple of minutes. Works like a charm. A hot pan would work well, too.

        This vastly improves most takeout pizza.

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          I take it a little further. I order my pizza with extra sauce, half cooked and not cut (do not brown the cheese). Then when we're ready to eat I finish it either on the stone or in a pan with the top covered with foil, so he toppings don't dry out.

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            Great ideas. We order extra sauce, too. It helps avoid the problem of dried-out takeout, and if you heat it on the stone, the crust doesn't get too soggy from the sauce and crisps up again. Just about as good as out of the oven.

        2. Regina's in the N. End. I just order it and pick it up and it's delish! Still good the next day too.