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Apr 1, 2010 05:53 PM

MMMMMM..... I have fallen in love

Victory 44 is the essential combination of love of food, simplicity and local faire. All you big chefs - come home to Minnesota!

1. Headcheese - I make it every Christmas with my mom - it is a tradition that I will pass down to my children's children. They did it fantastic - They fried it. New to the palate. I liked it!!

2. Fois Gras - Need I say more?

3. Fantastic service

4. Locals said "Hi" to by name - love it.

5. Wine and beer non stop until the happy hour ends - ours was in 15 minutes after we got there, but what a wonderful idea!

6. I fell in love with the food. Simple pleasures from childhood made beautiful. I will be back.

AND, I won't be scared to bring my parents that think that anywhere past 494/694 ring is impassable because it is the "cities."

I felt comfortable, I fell in love with the food, the service, the atmosphere, the laid-back-ness of it all, the "real Minnesota" that most of us don't know/remember.

This is great.

Thanks Victory 44 for making me fall in love again with Minnesota food....!


Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. i dont think its minnesota food as much as a british fare, i love the place, but i dont like going by myself...

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    1. re: wannabfat

      Oh, I certainly grew up eating most everything on my plate (minus fois gras). The only things that I can think of that are British are; (the words) bangers and mash & fish and chips, & (the word) trotters. I think that the use of bangers and mash sounds better than sausages stuck in mashed potatoes ;) and I think trotters scares less people off than writing pig's feet. :)

      To me, everything was home cooking made beautiful. I guess my use of generalizing Minnesota was too broad. This reminds me of My Minnesota. ;)

      I think this string could prove to anyone reading it that they should go there. It may bring you memories of Ma's cooking, or it may bring your memories back of traveling overseas, or it may just give you good food!

      But go there. Just go. It is great! :)

    2. I'm glad more people are discovering this place. The combination of quality, creativity and value (certainly with the tasting menus) is pretty hard to beat.

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      1. re: BigE

        V -44 was great from the start and just keeps getting better