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Apr 1, 2010 05:41 PM

Nice dinner for one

Hi all,

Every once and a while when I need a break to relax, I treat myself to a nice dinner just for me. I'm looking for a really nice place that is quiet, classy, in center city, and where I will get good attentive service even as a party of one.

I think I've narrowed it down to Lacroix, XIX, or Le Bec-Fin.

I'd appreciate your comments, experiences at these places, or other suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. Last May, I savored an outdoor solo dinner at XIX at a corner table on the west-facing balcony at sunset. I had an excellent meal and a marvelous time watching the city transform from daylight to night. Check the weather, take a sweater and enjoy a hot Irish coffee as your good night treat.

    1. I would leave out Le Bec Fin. It's okay, but nothing like it used to be. Many people have been disappointed lately.

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        Agree. Its not the same and still (IMHO) not a place to "relax."

        For a relaxing and elegant venue with superb cuisine and the most courteous of staff, consider the Fountain at the Four Seasons.