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South Jersey

Don't we have any Chowhounds in South Jersey?

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  1. We're in Waretown....or do you mean further south? :-)

    1. I'm in coastal South Jersey; Manahawkin,

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            You say that as if Quine is a Manahawkin landmark. lol

        1. It's good to see that not everyone if from North Jersey

          1. I split my nime between Union Co. and Ocean Co. so im kinda sorta SJersey

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              Smithville, bayside opposite Atlantic City.

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                Are you sure it does make you a "summer person"? *wink*

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                  What if I am down there for most of the winter? I dont set foot down there in the summer really.

              2. Little Egg Harbor/Tuckerton.

                1. Late as usual. Retired Chef & Rest. owner here.
                  Grenloch, NJ. (near Deptford, Woodbury, Turnersville.)

                  1. Relocating to South Harrison in June! But already regularly eating between Woodbury and Mullica Hill. Wishing there were more better choices in the area and non-chains...

                      1. Hey Chris! You know me from another board - I'm in Voorhees. I just don't post that much on here.

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                          Yes, I saw your post on the other board about El Patio, one of my favorite breakfast stops.

                        2. Medford here. We might get buried under North and Central Jersey posts, but there have been quite a few SJ posts as well.

                          1. Working in Cherry Hill (around the corner from Wegmans) and living in Gloucester County/

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                                I also live in Gloucester County (Williamstown) and work in Cherry Hill.

                              2. Maybe all of you south jersey 'hounds could help this Los Angeles hound find something inexpensive but extraordinary on my ride from Baltimore to Ventnor for dinner tonight?

                                We're open to anything as long as it's on our trajectory and is an excellent example of something south jersey does well. I saw a post on Joes italiano Maplewood inn somewhere off the Atlantic cut expressway, but not a whole lot else.

                                Mr Taster

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                                  Joe Italiano's is a solid choice. Old school Italian at it's best.

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                                    We went to Joes tonight. I ordered veal parmigian and my wife ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were quite good and the spaghetti swell cooked. The sauce was too sweet, needed more acidity. The dressing on the salad also had a funny sweetness to it. The veal was a little too thinly pounded and was topped of course with the cloying sauce. Aside from the great meatballs, the food really wasn't to my taste, unfortunately. I really prefer a more balanced "gravy".

                                    We did stumble on a good soft serve ice cream stand called "Kustard Kountry" just down the road from Joe's and had a really solid chocolate dip cone. Nice and thick, creamy and dense with a pure, distinct vanilla flavor with no chemical aftertaste. Really good.

                                    Mr Taster

                                2. That's a pretty healthy showing for South Jersey, more actually than I imagined. I myself am "south central" being in Monmouth County, Red Bank area.

                                  1. FWIW you will find a good number of S Jersey postings on the Philadelphia board as well.

                                      1. A accepted definition of "South" Jersey is required. It seems to me that most people who live in "North" Jersey consider everything below Edison to be "South" Jersey and consequently, "Central" Jersey doesn't exist.

                                        1. My vote: North Jersey is north of I-78, Central Jersey is between I-78 and I-195, South Jersey is south of I-195.

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                                            Unfortunately most of the restaurants in, what we would consider "the South" are not challenged enough to be really good.
                                            The difference, I think, is the South began, and continues to be, a value based mentality and never acquired the attitude, or street smarts, to complain about boring food. As long as a restaurant gave you large portions and low prices it's considered "good" I grew up with an immigrant family who farmed in Prineville, NJ, near Hightstown - they were 'value' oriented people.

                                            1. re: funnymercials

                                              What you're saying sounds very familiar. I grew up in Ocean County and I had to overcome that "more is better" mentality too. Although, I'm not sure it's a Jersey thing so much as it's an American thing. Look at the restaurant "Claim Jumper" for a prime example of the "more is better" mentality.

                                              Mr Taster

                                          2. Somers point, near Ocean City

                                            1. South Jersey is allegedly a suburb of Philadelphia according to the Chowhound site therefore there are almost no South Jersey comments. You're supposed to go to the Phila. board therefore the South Jersey restaurant news and comments are unfortunately not available on this site. I'm in Turnersville, 11 mi. from Phila.