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Apr 1, 2010 05:23 PM

South Jersey

Don't we have any Chowhounds in South Jersey?

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  1. We're in Waretown....or do you mean further south? :-)

    1. I'm in coastal South Jersey; Manahawkin,

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          1. re: diablo

            You say that as if Quine is a Manahawkin landmark. lol

        1. It's good to see that not everyone if from North Jersey

          1. I split my nime between Union Co. and Ocean Co. so im kinda sorta SJersey

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            1. re: MattInNJ

              Smithville, bayside opposite Atlantic City.

              1. re: MattInNJ

                Are you sure it does make you a "summer person"? *wink*

                1. re: Quine

                  What if I am down there for most of the winter? I dont set foot down there in the summer really.

              2. Little Egg Harbor/Tuckerton.