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Apr 1, 2010 04:41 PM

Experiences with "Chefs at Work" Caterers?

My Fiance and I are planning our wedding and are looking into the Alder Manor in Yonkers. The venue seems spectacular (from the pics, I haven't toured it yet) yet if we choose the space we are locked into a caterer - "Chefs at Work." Does anyone know anything about them? We are big foodies and can't stand the idea of typical drab wedding food at our reception. Help!

On a side note - if anyone knows a historic venue with great food that holds 200 people and does not exceed 200 bucks a head..please let me know!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi, just curious if you ever checked out Alder Manor and/or got any feedback on the caterers? We're also looking for a venue in the NY/NJ area and I'm thinking about checking that place out....but wanted to see if you had any luck with getting more information.

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        I was looking for information on Chefs at Work as well. Were you able to get any information?

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          My fiancee and I are getting married at Alder Manor next May. We have not had the tasting yet with Chefs at Work, however the owner used to own a restaurant on Central Ave that was very good. Pasta e Pesce.

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            I am thinking of having a wedding at Alder Manor and was wondering if the caterer provides linens and dinnerware, etc.

            1. re: goodfoodlover

              I don't have the answer to your question, you might want to ask it here They did quite a bit of work on the house... two years ago it was a complete disaster inside and out.

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                Just want to piggyback all the other posts and see if anyone has any experience with Chefs at Work and have any feedback they can provide. Thanks.

      2. The original comment has been removed