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Apr 1, 2010 04:33 PM

3 days in FLL/MIA area with my brother. Best local eats on the ethnic/unique to South Florida tip?

My brother and I are going to be in Fort Lauderdale for dinner and then lunch the next day, then in Miami for a full 2 days. We are fairly adventurous eaters and would like suggestions in both towns. Thoughts include Cuban (he's in Chicago, I'm in San Francisco and we don't get much of that) and Caribbean, High Jewish Deli (we are members of the tribe), seafood, and other interesting ethnic cuisines. Less concerned with splashy South Beach Overpriced, though we both appreciate great food and might splurge one night.

Any help would be appreciated.

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. I'm primarily a Miami guy, you'll need to look elsewhere for FtL help.

    For Cuban, I might suggest the following list particularly for lunch options ->

    For other Latin American (Uruguayan, Venezuelan, Colombian, Argentine, Peruvian ...) there is a good concentration of places in the North Beach area, many of which are mapped out here ->

    I really need to do a better survey of the Haitian and Caribbean options here. The customary recommendation is Tap Tap in South Beach, but that's more because it's in South Beach, is a funky spot, and has good mojitos, than because it's the best food. I like Chef Creole on 54th St. west of Miami Ave. (not a great neighborhood at all), and Christine's Roti Shop in North Miami Beach, but there are many more places out there I haven't tried.

    Sadly Jewish Deli is mostly a lost art here in what used to be on of its strongest enclaves. Rascal House is gone, Arnie & Richie's is gone (bought by Roasters and Toasters). There's still Sage Deli up in Hallandale.

    Arnie & Richie
    525 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140

    Christine's Roti Shop
    16721 NE 6th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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      I went to the Chef Creole's on 441 near the Dade/Broward county line. The food may have been bad, but at least it was expensive! He had his stupid DVD playing at high volume, on a loop. I got to see it a few times while waiting for my food. For a place that had dinners near $30, it had a remarkably seedy crowd. Bag people passed out on plastic fast food tables.


    2. For Caribbean, if you're going to be in Broward, I'd recommend Calypso in Pompano. It's probably been a year since I've eaten there, but the food has always been spot on.

      From what I've seen on here, it looks like it's still just as good.

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        Second the Calypso reco if you're looking for "unique" So Fla / Caribbean type seafood in Lauderdale area, this could be perfect for your lunch. Note - closed weekends. Search this board for lots more info on Calypso.