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Apr 1, 2010 03:57 PM

Honey Pig in Ellicott City, any early reports?

They're supposed to be open now, anyone go there today? I want to check them out tomorrow. What's good there?

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  1. where is the new one in Ellicott City supposed to be?

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    1. re: ivysmom

      It's in a big building behind the Forest Diner, on Rt. 40.

      Here's the address (I don't know how to add a restaurant)
      10045 Baltimore National Pike
      Ellicott City MD 21042

      Forest Diner
      10031 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042

    2. Went to Honey Pig last night and it was jammed. The line was out the door and the wait about 30 minutes. HP will be open 24 hours.

      We had the spicy pork belly, bulgogi, galbi and brisket. Not bad but the flavors were on the lighter side and the side dishes were a bit wanting and not very plentiful. Comparing the food to Shin Chon, it falls a bit short. I think the food is tastier and more plentiful at Shin Chon.

      But how many Korean places play modern American pop in a funky setting? Only Honey Pig. A great place for late night dining but not really the definition of Korean cuisine.

      Shin Chon
      8801 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD

      1. Well, we went there for lunch today and it wasn't crowded at all; we were seated right away. We had the beef (galbi? I guess) BBQ + cold noodles special for $9.99. It comes with salad, lettluce leaves and of course the little dishes. It was tasty and filling but I agree that flavoring was a bit mild. Service was very friendly. This would be a good "intro to Korean food" type of place and of course if you have a 1 am craving, it beats the heck out of drive-thru Taco Bell or 7-11. But I still like the H-Mart food court a little better. I'll certainly return to Honey Pig to try the pork belly or other dishes.

        800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

        1. Thanks for the heads up about this, I've heard great things about their other locations. Can't wait to give them a try!